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One Piece: Why the World Government Targets Pluton Finally Revealed!


One Piece: Why the World Government Targets Pluton Finally Revealed!

A surprising moment that occurred in chapter 1060 where Im managed to destroy a territory in an instant. 

The fans themselves are curious about what happened and whether it is the tremendous power of Im's figure. 

The chapter itself shows how Sabo hides in an area called the Lulusia kingdom. 

It was one of the areas where the Revolutionary Army was based.

The naval forces themselves managed to track down Sabo's whereabouts there, which immediately got action from the Gorosei and Im. 

Not long, then a terrible moment appeared. 

Black clouds gathered above Lulusia's kingdom, accompanied by flashing lightning. 

And something extraordinary happened where there appeared some kind of devastating attack that instantly destroyed Lulusia's kingdom in an instant.

The fans were wondering, what really happened? Is it Im's power? 

Is it Im's devil fruit power? 

For now, everything is still a big mystery. 

However, the fans themselves raise an interesting speculation regarding this. 

They believe that it is the result of an Ancient Weapon which is currently still mysterious, namely Uranus.

As we know, Oda just revealed two Ancient Weapons in his story. 

The first is Poseidon and the second is Pluton. Poseidon is a mermaid that is Shirahoshi. 

Meanwhile, Pluton is a warship that has great destructive power that still resides in the Wano region. 

Only Uranus remains a mystery until now.

The Real Purpose of Targeting Pluton

One Piece: Why the World Government Targets Pluton Finally Revealed!

Assuming that Im's attack was indeed from one of the Ancient Weapons, Uranus, this completely changes the whole story. 

As we know, the World Government was eyeing the blueprint of another Ancient Weapon, Pluton. There is still no clear information why then they want this.

However, fans suspect that the World Government doesn't want Nico Robin, Franky, or anyone else to succeed in building Pluton. 

Seeing this, Franky decided to burn the blueprint. 

The appearance of Uranus in chapter 1060 yesterday gave rise to allegations that the real reason the World Government was after the blueprint was to prevent anyone from competing with them.

In this context, the World Government does not want anyone to match the power of Uranus by building Pluton. 

If this is true, then there is great potential if the World Government loses. Why is that? 

Because, either Pluton or Uranus has great destructive power and very terrible power.

Of course, they didn't want that to happen. 

They don't want someone who can compete with them. Because of that, they then targeted the blueprint so that no one was able to build Pluton. 

Even so, in fact, currently Luffy already "has" two Ancient Weapons namely Pluton and Poseidon. It was only a matter of time before he “activated it.”

Uranus To Destroy Sky Island?

One Piece: Why the World Government Targets Pluton Finally Revealed!

Then, what exactly is the purpose of the creation of Uranus? 

The fans themselves believe that Ancient Weapons were created to be a source of their strength to destroy enemies on land, sea, and air. 

However, there is also other speculation that the creation of Uranus is to conquer the sky island. 

In the arc, fans saw how a flying ocean ship was.

One Piece: Why the World Government Targets Pluton Finally Revealed!

Based on that, it's not impossible if Uranus is actually a hovering or flying version of Pluton. 

As we know, in the story it is revealed that at first the sky island was on the mainland. 

This is based on the story of the figure of Mont Blanc Noland. 

However, when he brought his other comrades the area was gone, which turned out to be his territory moved to the sky. 

Although everything is still just speculation, considering that Oda introduced something extraordinary in the series, then the explanation above is not something that is impossible.

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