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One Piece Chapter 1060 Reddit Spoilers: Oda Finally Introduces Im's Devil Fruit?

 Chapter 1060 of the One Piece manga series again presents an epic and interesting moment in the series. 

In fact, there is also a surprise that appears at the end of the chapter. Previously, in chapter 1059 we saw how Luffy accepted Yamato's decision not to sail with them. 

Yamato decides to guard Wano after the Aramaki attack.

On the other hand, we also see how excited the naval attack on Amazon Lily was. As we expected, 

Hancock will definitely attack or fight in an attempt to capture her once she is no longer a Shichibukai. 

And in this moment we see the emergence of a new Pacifista model, which is much more powerful and terrifying.

In addition, what was also a surprise was how Blackbeard appeared and targeted Hancock's devil fruit. 

Hancock's life was about to be lost. Luckily, Rayleigh then showed up just in time and managed to stop all the moments. 

However, what is also a concern is how Blackbeard managed to kidnap Koby. We still don't know what his fate will be at this time.

Spoiler One Piece 1060

Then, what happened in One Piece chapter 1060? This chapter has the title "Luffy's Dream" or "Luffy's Dream." 

As the name implies, this chapter shows how Luffy reveals his big dream to the Nakama. And then we saw their reaction when they heard Luffy's dream. 

Then, we also see the continuation of the conversation between Sabo and Dragon.

Sabo continued his conversation via den den mushi with Dragon. Sabo said that he is currently in Lulucia kingdom. He also said that he saw someone sitting on an empty throne or seat of power. 

What's interesting is that we finally see the most mysterious figure in the series, Im.

Im seems to be holding a map where on the map it appears that Lulucia's kingdom has been marked. Then, suddenly in the sky of Lulucia's kingdom appeared black clouds that gathered which made the lightning continuously strike alternately. 

Suddenly, a mysterious object seemed to fall from the sky and hit the territory of the Lulucia kingdom.

And as a result of that, Lulucia's kingdom was destroyed. At the end of the chapter, the Straw Hat crew then meets Jewelry Bonney where she has a bounty of 320 million Belly. 

The good news is that there is no weekly break for next week. This means that the release schedule for chapter 1061 will remain as usual. And the leak or spoiler will appear a few days later.


There are two interesting moments that appear in this chapter 1060. 

The first is the reappearance of Im's figure. Aside from his appearance, how he is later shown destroying the territory where Sabo is located is very interesting. 

Why? There is a possibility that what Im doing is related to the strength or power of his devil fruit.

Does that mean Sabo is dead? We still don't know. Then, how Luffy and the Straw Hat crew met Jewelry Bonney was also interesting. 

Why? Previously, Bonney was seen trying to save Kuma in Mary Geoise before Blackbeard managed to defeat him and he was then handed over to Sakazuki. 

Did that mean he was able to escape the prison at Mary Geoise? Was it Sabo who then freed him?

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