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One Piece 1061 Spoilers Reddit: Sabo's Condition Finally Revealed!

One Piece 1061 Spoilers Reddit: Sabo's Condition Finally Revealed!

Is Sabo confirmed dead in the latest chapter of One Piece 1061?

Sabo is one of the focuses in the manga chapter One Piece 1060.

That's because Sabo was in the Lulusia Kingdom, which was then destroyed by Im Sama's attack.

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Was Sabo killed or not from Im Sama's attack on Lulusia Kingdom? The following is the release schedule for One Piece 1061.

One Piece 1060 just released today September 16, 2022. There is some focus in this One Piece chapter.

Namely about Luffy's dream which he told the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.

We can also see the reaction of the crew after Luffy told his dream.

Then Sabo who saw Im Sama. Sabo finds a map belonging to Im Sama, where on the map, the Lulusia Kingdom is crossed.

One Piece 1061 Spoilers Reddit: Sabo's Condition Finally Revealed!

Sabo immediately headed to the Lulusia Kingdom and made contact with the Revolutionary Army.

Unfortunately, Sabo's contact with the Revolutionary Army using Den Den Mushi was successfully traced by the World Government.

Then, with a single strike by Im Sama, the Lulusia Kingdom was shattered after being hit by a laser from above the clouds.

It is not known whether the attack was an attack from the power of Im Sama's devil fruit, or the power of the ancient weapon Uranus which is said to have been possessed by Im Sama.

Despite being hit by a big attack, leakers say that Sabo will not be killed in One Piece 1061 yet.

Sabo's logia-type devil fruit ability will make Sabo survive the Im Sama attack.

So when will One Piece 1061 be released?

In the full spoiler of One Piece 1060, it is stated that Oda will not rest next week after the release of One Piece 1060.

So according to the schedule, One Piece 1061 will air on September 23, 2022. Some focus seems to be happening in One Piece 1061.

Among them are Sabo's condition after being exposed to Im Sama's power, and Bonney's condition found by the Straw Hat Pirates.

That's the initial information about One Piece 1061.

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