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Did Momoshiki Take Over Boruto?

Did Momoshiki Take Over Boruto?

Momoshiki will take over Boruto? 

Momoshiki's threat to Uzumaki Boruto's figure is still there. 

In fact, Momoshiki in the previous chapter was considered dead after he used the rest of his transformation to bring Boruto back to life. 

The fact that Momoshiki Otsutsuki can no longer rise in Boruto Uzumaki's body must have been a breath of fresh air for Boruto and also the fans.

However, it seemed the threat from Momoshiki himself was still not over. We know this from chapter 72 yesterday. 

In that chapter, it seems that Momoshiki presents a surprise by reappearing in the story. Fans suspect that Momoshiki will no longer appear, or won't be appearing anytime soon. 

However, the facts turned out to be different.

Momoshiki himself reappears to inform Boruto that his words to his mother will not come true. 

Boruto promised Hinata that he would return after the mission he was on. 

However, the Otsutsuki himself later said that he would not return. 

This is because Boruto's body will return to Momoshiki's possession, having previously been delayed.

As we know, that Boruto has become a vessel for Momoshiki after he implanted the Karma seal. 

However, the Autotsusukification process itself was then stopped after Kawaki "killed" Boruto. 

This forces Momoshiki to use the remnants of Otsutsukification to bring the main protagonist back to life. Unfortunately, the threat is still not over.

Momoshiki Takes Boruto's Body Again

Did Momoshiki Take Over Boruto?

In the previous chapter, Amado actually gave a warning about this. According to Amado, even though Momoshiki may not be able to return or be reincarnated, the threat still remains. 

How then Momoshiki is still able to take over Boruto's consciousness at any time could happen.

And most importantly, Amado himself emphasized that there is still no suitable solution or a reliable solution to overcome this problem. 

It turned out that Amado's fear was proven in yesterday's chapter 72, where Momoshiki reappeared and he threatened that he would take Boruto's body again. How then did he take the body?

As Momoshiki explained, he would wait for the right time where Boruto would lose his spirit or mentality. 

When that happens, Boruto will lose his will and determination to live. 

And when Boruto has lost his will to live, that's when Momoshiki will begin to take over Boruto's body. 

He admitted that it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Momoshiki also said that something bad would happen to Boruto related to his blue eyes. 

For this matter, we still don't know what the momoshiki meant even though he said that the moment was far more terrifying than what happened before. 

However, what is certain is that this has something to do with the people closest to Boruto.


Did Momoshiki Take Over Boruto?

Based on the explanation above, apart from Momoshiki Otsutsuki now can no longer be reincarnated in Boruto's body, but the threat is still there and must be watched out for. 

The threat was how Momoshiki might take over Boruto's consciousness again. 

And as Amado mentioned, there is still no way to stop or prevent this.

So, as long as Boruto is alive, Momoshiki will still be in Boruto, even though he will only "watch" everything that happens. 

He was just waiting for the right time before Boruto lost his will and zest for life. 

And based on this statement it is also possible that this will be the beginning of the destruction of Konoha in the future.

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