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One Piece: Im Using Uranus' Ancient Weapon to Destroy Lulusia?

One Piece: Im Using Uranus' Ancient Weapon to Destroy Lulusia?

Fans of the One Piece series should see something terrible that appeared in chapter 1060. 

In the chapter, we saw how a region called the Lulusia kingdom was destroyed in an instant. 

What later became the cause of destroying the region is still a big question for fans.

But the possibility of Im being the culprit.

This chapter shows how Sabo is currently hiding in the Lulusia kingdom. 

The area is actually not a foreign name, because the Revolutionary Army had helped its residents in the Reverie arc. 

Unfortunately, the connection with Sabo's den den mushi was successfully intercepted by the navy. 

This made them finally know where Sabo's location was.

Im briefly appeared in this chapter, where she marked Lulusia's kingdom on the map she was holding. 

Then, there was a terrifying moment where black clouds gathered and lightning flashed. 

And not long after something else terrible happened where from the cloud came some kind of laser attack, which made the area shattered instantly.

Uranus attack?

One Piece: Im Using Uranus' Ancient Weapon to Destroy Lulusia?

Two big questions that arise after the incident are what will happen to Sabo? 

Furthermore, what then caused such a devastating attack to appear? 

What's interesting is that there is an interesting speculation where the possibility of the powerful power that appears in chapter 1060 is not a devil fruit effect. 

Rather an attack from one of the Ancient Weapons, Uranus.

In the Dressrosa arc, Donquixote Doflamingo had mentioned that in Mary Geoise there is a "national treasure" capable of destroying the entire world. 

Doflamingo used this secret as an object to blackmail the sky dragons, so that he could return to being part of them. 

However, no one knows what later became the treasure.

There was a mention that the national treasure was a large straw hat that was stored in one of the rooms. 

However, other fans themselves believe that what later became the national treasure of Mary Geoise is one of the Ancient Weapons.

And the Ancient Weapon stored there is none other than Uranus, considering that this fits the description in chapter 1060.

As we know, Oda just revealed two Ancient Weapons in his story. 

The first is Poseidon and the second is Pluton. 

Poseidon is a mermaid that is Shirahoshi. 

Meanwhile, Pluton is a warship that has great destructive power that still resides in the Wano region. 

Only Uranus remains a mystery until now.

As we know, Oda adapted the name of the Ancient Weapon based on legend or Greek and Roman mythology. 

For example, Pluton is an adaptation of the name Pluto, the god of the underworld. 

Then, Poseidon itself is the name of the god of the sea. 

Meanwhile, Uranus is the name of the ruler of the sky or the god of the sky.

Im Use Uranus?

One Piece: Im Using Uranus' Ancient Weapon to Destroy Lulusia?

The collapse of Lulusia's kingdom occurred after a large number of black clouds gathered, and then a deadly attack appeared.

Is Im really using Ancient Weapons and not using devil fruit powers? 

The use of Ancient Weapons seemed more reasonable, considering Im's reputation as the ruler of the world. 

Maybe this is the reason why Im can come to power and become a worldwide leader.

Im can use the Ancient Weapon to destroy anything he thinks is a threat, or really needs to be destroyed.

Perhaps this is the reason some areas disappear from the map, for example God Valley. 

And this might also be what the Gorosei meant by "Great Cleansing".

What do you think?

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