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One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Rayleigh Called The Dark Lord, Who Caused It?

In One Piece, Rayleigh is nicknamed the king of darkness.

The nickname Dark King aka Dark King for Silvers Rayleigh was finally revealed in One Piece 1061.

There is a certain reason why Rayleigh was nicknamed the Dark Lord until One Piece 1061.

Temporary clues until One Piece 1061 that the main cause of him earning the nickname King of Darkness is captain Gol D. Roger.

As is known, in the One Piece story, Rayleigh is the right-hand man of the Pirate King Roger.

He also occupies the position of number two in the Roger Pirates.

Dark King has all kinds of abilities that are qualified to become a leader, captain and even King.

In the past, Rayleigh was predicted to be the strongest swordsman in One Piece in his time.

The thing that stands out the most is the power of Haki, Roger's right hand man is also dubbed the Haki Master.

How not, Rayleigh is one of the few people in the world who master three types of Haki.

In addition, he also has strong physical endurance and intelligence above average.

But how strong Rayleigh he is is still the figure of the second hand of the Roger Pirate King.

From here, it is revealed in One Piece 1061 the reason why Silver Rayleigh is nicknamed the Dark Lord.

It didn't matter how strong Rayleigh was and his reputation in the pirate world.

Rayleigh does have the power of a King level, but he will always be behind Roger's shadow.

Because during his life, he always served Roger even after the Pirate King died.

His loyalty is unquestionable and proven until now, Dark King did not form his own pirate group.

The evidence above reveals the reason why Rayleigh was nicknamed the Dark Lord in the One Piece story.

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