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One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Straw Hat Pirate Finally Arrives on Vegapunk Snow Island! DF Nika's Secret Revealed

Ahead of the broadcast on September 25, the One Piece 1061 spoiler from reddit has finally appeared, here's the review:

According to the prediction in chapter 1061, Luffy and nakama will arrive at Vegapunk's Snow Island.

Before heading to let's joa, SHP found out about the situation and Luffy began to understand the secret of his Nika devil fruit.

It was also revealed the reason he had a previously secret dream about changing the world order.

Another surprising thing in the previous chapter, we saw the same Imu who was talking to the Five Elders in the throne room.

They talk about Sabo and his whereabouts.

They found out that Sabo was in the rebellious Luslasia kingdom a few days ago.

Sabo firmly tells Dragon that he didn't kill Cobra.

He also revealed that he saw someone sitting on the throne of the world, and after that the Kingdom of Luslasia was destroyed by a huge bomb.

Some fan theories explain that the characters involved in this conflict are Luffy, the Revo Army and the alias pirates against the World Government.

Vivi was the initial trigger, where he was kidnapped and currently never leaves Mary Geoise.

He is being held in the Mary Geoise prison on Im-sama's orders.

Bonney tells Luffy that he saw Vivi being held captive in Mary Geoise.

Luffy and Nami insisted on going there even though Zoro refused at that time.

Sabo heats up the situation and survives Lulucia's crushing attack.

Sabo is angry and decides to go to Mary Geoise again for revenge.

Sabo didn't give Dragon any information about what he wanted to do so as not to trouble the Revo Army.

Mata Mata RA gave information that Lulucia was destroyed and maybe 7 other countries that they had coup d'etat were also destroyed.

Sabo and the RA troops there were all killed. Dragon was furious and immediately launched an attack on Mary Geoise.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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