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One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Boa Hancock's Condition Makes Readers Worried

One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Boa Hancock's Condition Makes Readers Worried

The fate of Boa Hancock is currently on the brink after what happened in the next chapter. 

As appeared in chapter 1059 yesterday, we finally see what really happened to Boa Hancock. 

As we know, the fate of the Shichibukai returned to being fugitives from the navy after the World Government dissolved the system.

And in that chapter, we saw how the navy finally really came to Amazon Lily. 

They come in full force and also weaponry that is much more modern and lethal. 

We can see this from the deployment of the latest Pacifista model, the Seraphim. 

This latest Pacifista model is much more powerful and far more terrifying.

The real proof is how most of the Kuja forces were unable to defeat or stop the Seraphim. 

Not to mention, the Seraphim also managed to destroy most of the Amazon Lily. 

And what is surprising is how later the Seraphim have the shape of the Shichibukai as a child. 

Also, there are allegations that they used the DNA of the Lunarian race to make this happen. 

What Happened To Hancock?

One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Boa Hancock's Condition Makes Readers Worried

Dealing with naval forces is actually not a big problem for Hancock and the Kuja troops. 

However, it was the Seraphim who later became one of his biggest obstacles. 

And the threat itself turned out to be not only from the navy, but also from another pirate, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard.

In that chapter, it appears that Blackbeard and his pirate group then came to Amazon Lily. 

Blackbeard turned out to be after Hancock's devil fruit, the Mero Mero no Mi. 

According to Blackbeard, he has been eyeing his devil fruit for a long time. 

However, what later became the reason Blackbeard targeted the devil fruit is still a mystery because Oda has not revealed it.

One thing that is certain as well is how completely powerless Hancock is in the face of Blackbeard. 

Hancock was unable to deal with Yami Yami's power, which even Hancock's life would have nearly lost had Rayleigh not come in time. 

Rayleigh himself admitted that he was unable to face Blackbeard's current strength.

This means that Hancock's life is in the shadow of death. 

However, we still don't know to what extent and how long Hancock's life can last. 

Of course, Hancock could not continue to expect protection from Rayleigh. 

This is what then raises the big question of what will happen to Hancock next.

Guessing Hancock's Next Fate

One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Boa Hancock's Condition Makes Readers Worried

For now, Boa Hancock's fate is in a safe condition. 

However, we still don't know what will happen next to Hancock. 

To be sure, she would not be able to linger on Amazon Lily because it was no longer a safe place. 

In addition to the threat from Blackbeard, the threat from the navy also certainly will not stop. 

They would of course still see Hancock as a threat.

Thus, the navy will certainly still continue to hunt Hancock like the other former Shichibukai. 

Then, what will happen to Hancock next? 

What is the decision she will take? 

One thing that might make sense of course is that Hancock and the Kuja pirate crew left Amazon Lily and then joined Luffy's pirate group.

In this case, there is a possibility that Hancock will join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. 

One of the reasons that emerged why later this could happen was that Hancock would certainly meet Luffy again after a long time. 

On the other hand, Hancock will also be able to help Luffy and gain protection from Luffy.

That said, there's also another pretty plausible possibility where Hancock will stay on Amazon Lily. Hancock probably wouldn't have left and left the other residents, so she decided to stay there. 

However, this time, he would get help from Rayleigh and Shakkey. 

That is, Hancock gets additional strength to deal with other threats.

Disclaimer: This article is just a theory and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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