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One Punch Man: Black Box Blast Weapon Defeat God?

Blast weapon black box defeat God? The appearance of the figure of God in the One Punch Man series is a very surprising thing for fans. 

The reason is, the figure of God himself is still a big mystery to this day. So far, God has only been referenced in the story and it was only in the last few chapters that we finally saw the physical figure of God. 

Riddles about God himself are still growing among fans.

Who the real God figure seems to be will still be a mystery for some time to come. Moreover, what kind of power he possesses will also remain a mystery. 

However, there are several things that Murata Sensei has brought up in his story regarding the figure of God. 

One of them is a possible way to “contact” or communicate with God.

As we saw in the previous chapter when Flashy Flash, Manako, and Saitama were trapped underground, a mysterious black box-shaped object appeared in front of them. 

Not long after, a voice appeared telling the three to touch the black box. The goal was to find out if they deserved the power of a God figure.

This is what then raises the assumption that the black box is a tool to contact God, or maybe God himself is looking for his "victim."

 And as we saw in the last few chapters, there are already several characters who have become a vessel for God. 

One example is Garou, who later became the figure of Cosmic Garou.

Blast Goal Collect Black Box

And talking about the mysterious black box, it turns out that there is a connection with the figure of Blast, the number one hero on earth. 

Before appearing before Saitama and Flashy Flash, the black box was actually found or held by Blast 18 years ago when he saved Tatsumaki. 

According to Blast, he had been traveling to various dimensions for a long time to find the whereabouts of the boxes.

However, it is not clearly explained what Blast's goal is to do this. Speaking of Blast, the mysterious black box, and God, there is an interesting theory that has developed among fans regarding this. 

The theory is that Blast once managed to defeat God, by sealing all his strength and body. 

That means, the possibility of the black box is the Blast weapon to defeat God.

How then did he seal God? By using the black boxes. 

In addition to the theory about the sealing of God, there are also other theories related to the black box. 

The theory explains that there is a possibility if Blast deliberately collects various black boxes in order to avoid people becoming victims or becoming God's next vessel.

We must have seen how awesome God's power is when someone has his power. A vivid example of this is Garou, who transforms into Cosmic Garou. 

With God's power, he was even close to being able to match Saitama's strength. 

Even so, we certainly know what the risks are when someone becomes God's vessel. 

That is, their lives can be lost, as happened to the Homeless Emperor.

The existence of God and the black box is certainly very dangerous for humanity as a whole. 

We've seen how terrifying the figure of Cosmic Garou. Much worse things might arise when there is another figure who gets the power of God. 

We still don't know how many black boxes there are. 

However, it is certainly interesting to see the influence or role of the black box in the next story.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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