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One Punch Man: Garou Will Be a Hero?

One Punch Man: Garou Will Be a Hero?

After a long and epic battle in several chapters in the One Punch Man manga series yesterday, the Monster Association arc has finally officially ended. 

In yesterday's chapter 169, we saw how Saitama from the future managed to return to the past. 

The goal was to stop the figure of Garou who was still under the control or influence of God's power.

As we know, in the previous chapter of One Punch Man, Garou finally succeeded in realizing his dream of becoming a strong figure. 

His evolution into a monster makes all the heroes unable to face Garou. 

Until then he met Saitama, and their epic battle ensued. 

However, as we expected, Garou was unable to defeat Saitama.

Garou's frustration was then answered by the appearance of God who gave him his power. 

Even though Garou didn't fully accept the offer, because he didn't really come into contact with God, he still received tremendous power.

And as a result, we can see how Garou re-evolved into a figure with cosmic power. 

God really controlled Garou's figure.

However, again, the cosmic power is still not able to face Saitama. 

And finally, he realized that what he was doing was wrong. 

Garou asks Saitama to go back in time and stop his being under God's influence. 

And the plan worked, where God's influence finally disappeared from Garou's body.

Garou Will Return in the Next Arc?

One Punch Man: Garou Will Be a Hero?

The latest chapter of the series focuses on the re-established relationship between Bang and Garou. 

At the beginning, we saw how Garou explained to the police about justice and also various other lengthy things. 

Garou wasn't alone there. 

Bang also accompanied Garou, and then we saw the two of them apologize for the extraordinary events that occurred last week.

It was very clear that Garou had done terrible and terrible things in the past, and it seemed like he was slowly starting to want to get rid of all those evil things. 

Garou wanted to pay for all the big mistakes he had made before. 

Bang, who is his former teacher, becomes Garou's mentor for this. 

He wants to be a person who helps Garou to become a better person.

Garou also asks Bang to organize a tournament and try to defeat all the heroes he has ever fought. 

Bang himself seems to be interested in Garou's idea, where even he seems eager to face his former student. 

With Garou going back to training, it looks like he's going to get stronger in his own way.

However, something important emerges at the end of the chapter when Sitch and Sekingar have a discussion at the hero association headquarters. 

Sitch said that Bang had already submitted a letter of resignation as a hero. 

Bang decides to become Garou's guardian. 

Sitch also explained that in the letter Bang mentioned that he wanted Garou to be his successor.

This is what worries Sitch, as resistance from the other heroes is bound to arise. 

On the other hand, this also gives us a hint that Garou will most likely return in the next arc. 

Not as hero hunters or villains, but maybe he will return as a hero like the others.

Garou Will Be Good in One Punch Man?

One Punch Man: Garou Will Be a Hero?

Regarding Garou who might become a hero, Sitch himself actually had doubts about it. 

However, he himself believed that as long as Garou was under Bang's supervision, everything would be under control. 

On the other hand, Sitch himself thought that Garou would be a very powerful addition in regards to the great prophecy to come.

We still don't know what big prophecy he means. 

However, in the shadows on the panel itself it seemed that something terrible and extraordinary was about to appear on earth. 

Sitch himself said that strengthening their strength to welcome the prophecy was far more important than taking issue with Garou's presence in the hero association.

If then the prediction does come true, it means that Sitch's speculation or prediction could be true. 

That moment might be a proving ground for Garou to change for the better. 

He will show everyone that he has changed and is different from before. 

It is possible that he will become Saitama's partner as well as Blast either to face the prophecy or to face God.

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