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One Piece 1058 Spoilers Reddit: Final Saga Begins!

One Piece 1058 Spoilers Reddit: Final Saga Begins!

The Wano arc ends with a happy ending.

It doesn't feel like the Wano Arc is finished after years of running.

The Wano arc started in July 2018 and finished in August 2022.

The Wano Country arc is the longest in the anime so far with over 110 episodes.

Starting from Chapter 909, the Wano arc finally ended in Chapter 1057.

One Piece chapter 1058 will be released next week with the latest story after the wano arc is over.

As is known, the Straw Hats are ready to go to the New World and to the final of the saga.

The story was then revealed that Caribou had another purpose as a scout in Wano.

One Piece 1058 Spoilers Reddit: Final Saga Begins!

There is a lot of speculation circulating if Caribou is a spy for Blackbeard.

The manga will be released on August 28, 2022 on Sundays and new story spoilers will be released 4 days in advance.

The raw scan will be available 2 days before the manga is published.

One Piece 1058 will have a lot of narration of the Straw Hats' conversations and promote the continuation of their adventures.

The previous chapter ended a four-year adventure through the world of Wano.

When Luffy and the Straw Hats finally leave Wano-Kuni, it will be a satisfying conclusion to this arc.

At the same time, Yamato, Momonosuke, and Kinemon bid farewell to Luffy while expressing their admiration for him.

Yamato, contrary to what most people believe, has no intention of joining Luffy's crew.

Yamao prefers to travel across Wano first.

Luffy also promised Yamato, Momonosuke, and Kinemon that he would find them.

Take them in if they decide to sail into the wide ocean.

Momonosuke also gets Luffy's flag and wonders what to do with it.

One Saga usually has 3 to 4 Arc.

Thus, at least the Final Saga maybe 10 years from now One Piece will end.

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