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One Piece: Is this Really the Reason Zoro Left the Mugiwara Crew?

Zoro is known as the Mugiwara crew who has the highest level of loyalty to Luffy among the other members.

Where in some scenes Zoro's loyalty to Luffy is shown.

Zoro even gave his life whenever his captain Mugiwara no Luffy was in danger.

Like when Zoro accepted all the pain that Luffy experienced when fighting against Gecko Moria in the Thiller Bark arc.

Also when Luffy was helpless when faced with Kaido, Zoro also tried to face Yonkou Kaido to save his captain.

However, from the loyalty shown by Zoro, it turned out that he had the intention to leave Luffy and leave the Mugiwara crew.

Zoro once said this in a scene in one of the One Piece anime episodes during the Water Seven arc. Where after Luffy and Usopp had a fight.

Zoro decides to leave the Mugiwara crew if Luffy and the other members meet Usopp.

According to Zoro, Usopp's decision to leave the Mugiwara crew due to a fight with Luffy was inappropriate for a member to do to his captain.

This was done by Zoro so that no more Mugiwara crew would betray their captain, Luffy.

Because Luffy has experienced betrayal several times from the Mugiwara pirate crew, as well as Nami and Robin.

Because from the beginning Nami joined Luffy only to be used so that he could return to his original place.

It turns out that Nami is a member of the Arlong pirates, even though it's actually not Nami's wish.

The reason Nami did all that was because she wanted to save her hometown from Arlong's rule.

As for Robin, it didn't mean to betray Luffy. But from the start because of his ability to read poneglyphs, he was targeted by the World Government. Robin left Luffy because he was kidnapped by members of the CP9 organization.

Even though he was betrayed, Luffy still tried to help Nami and Robin, even Luffy was the one who gave them the chance to survive.

From that experience Zoro didn't want to let the betrayal of Luffy and the Mugiwara Pirates happen again.

Like Robin, Nami, and Usopp. It turned out that Sanji had also betrayed Luffy.

When Sanji was paired with Pudding at Whole Cake Island, at that time Sanji decided to leave the Mugiwara Pirates.

Sanji and Luffy get into a fight. Zoro never knew this.

Some One Piece fans think that if Zoro finds out about this, then Zoro will probably kill Sanji.

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