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One Piece: Zoro will get a new title after the Wano arc ends

Roronoa Zoro will get a new nickname after the end of the Wano arc.

As it is known by now that Zoro has the nickname as a pirate hunter even though he is a pirate.

The first time Zoro got the nickname was because he handed over the captain of a pirate group at the Marine headquarters.

Inadvertently, the captain turned out to have a bounty, so Zoro got a reward, so since then Zoro has been dubbed a pirate hunter.

As with Rayleigh who has the nickname as the king of darkness and also Whitebeard with the strongest human in the world Zoro will also get a new nickname according to his strength.

Zoro's power looks amazing after he manages to tame Enma's sword which used to be Kozuki Oden's.

When Zoro combined Enma with two other meitou he was even able to injure Kaido and defeat King.

Even when the Wano arc is over, it is estimated that Zoro will get a high bounty price, just like in his previous fights.

Because Zoro has defeated King, then he will also get a bounty price that will exceed that of the first division commander Kaido.

So with that, the title that will be obtained next by Zoro is King of Hell.

So for the title and bounty price he currently has, he will be able to get him closer to his original goal, which is to become the strongest swordsman in the world of One Piece.

However, the strongest swordsman in the One Piece story is currently still held by Dracule Mihawk who is currently a member of the Corss Guild organization.

To be able to realize his dream Zoro must dare to beat Mihawk who is his teacher in the sword.

Zoro's desire to become the strongest swordsman has been since he was a child, unlike other children he has practiced using three swords.

The first opponent that Zoro really wants to beat is not Mihawk or any other sword-wielding character, but Kuina.

But unfortunately before Zoro could defeat Kuina, the girl had already met her end.

In addition to being the strongest swordsman, Zoro will also fulfill the dream of his captain Luffy to find One Piece and become the pirate king.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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