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One Punch Man: How Did Genos Come Back Alive?

One Punch Man: How Did Genos Come Back Alive?

Some of the latest chapters of the One Punch Man series present various extraordinary story developments. Moreover, from the figure of Garou and also Saitama. 

We see how Garou strives to fulfill his dream of becoming the villain that many heroes fear. 

Garou wants to destroy the hero association and also make everyone realize that he is a terrible person.

Then we see the development of Garou's strength, which slowly but surely begins to evolve into a monster figure. 

And the climax is how later Garou managed to get cosmic power thanks to his deal with God. 

However, something unexpected then happened where Saitama was blown away by Garou's latest epic power.

Not only that, Garou actually created a nightmare by presenting a high level of cosmic radiation which knocked many heroes unconscious. 

How Garou then actually turned into an evil figure made Genos finally try to stop him, even though he knew that there wasn't much he could do with his shattered body.

Seeing how Genos did this made Garou angry. He then beats Genos to powerlessness. 

And the climax is Garou beating the body to shreds, where the reactor core from Genos's body was blown away. 

Seeing that moment, Saitama could only be silent and also angry.

And in the last panel of One Punch Man chapter 166 we see how Saitama is finally serious in dealing with Garou. 

And in the next chapter we see how Saitama is trying to avenge the death of Genos. 

Until then Garou finally lost, and something unexpected happened. 

The epic event finally made Genos return to the world.

Saitama Saves Genos

One Punch Man: How Did Genos Come Back Alive?

Genos is a student of Saitama, who has become one of the most important characters throughout the series. 
He is one of the hero characters who enter class S, along with other great heroes such as Bang, Tatsumaki, and so on. 

The figure of Genos so adores Saitama and really appreciates him. 

He then managed to become a student figure of Saitama.

Genos himself then engages in epic battles between heroes and monsters in the Monster Association arc. 

He had fought several villains, but the most epic and attention-grabbing was how he teamed up with Drive Knight and Tatsumaki to defeat Psykos-Orochi.

Unfortunately, as a result of this, Genos' body had to be destroyed, because he put all his strength into helping and protecting Tatsumaki. 

In chapter 166 yesterday, we saw Genos being one of the characters who were not affected by the radiation from Garou's Nuclear Fission and Gamma Ray Burst attacks. 

This is because Genos is a cyborg.

Even though part of his body is missing, Genos is still trying to stop Garou. 

Unfortunately, Genos's efforts were in vain because Garou was too strong for Genos. 

Garou plans to make Saitama put all his effort into it. And to do that, he then took the life of Genos. 

Garou's punch pierced Genos' cyborg body, causing Genos' "blood" to be scattered everywhere.

At that moment, Genos was completely dead. 

The reactor core in his body was gone and all his systems were no longer functioning. 

This is what makes Saitama really angry with Garou. 

In fact, Saitama put all his strength into defeating Garou which it finally succeeded.

The Process of the Return of Genos in One Punch Man

One Punch Man: How Did Genos Come Back Alive?

Actually, there had been speculations regarding Genos where one of them said that Genos could come back to life. 

Some of the ways are to replace the reactor core as well as other body parts or use something unexpected, such as going back in time. 

The second speculation itself actually did not make sense at first, because One-Punch Man is not a series that presents elements of time travel fiction.

However, in One Punch Man chapter 168 yesterday, Yusuke Murata realized something unusual. 

After admitting his defeat and realizing his mistake, Garou then asked Saitama to stop his past figure. 

To do so, Garou taught God's technique. And what happened was that Saitama managed to time travel.

Saitama returned to the moment before Genos attacked Garou. 

Saitama immediately beat Garou with the Zero Punch technique, in which the blow managed to make Garou realize and regain control of himself. 

Not only that, Genos didn't die and looked as safe as before.

Not the Original Genos?

One Punch Man: How Did Genos Come Back Alive?

As we know about the "law" of time travel, when this happens there will be several possibilities. 

First, a branch will appear in the main timeline. Second, it will create a multiverse or alternative reality. 

This is also what Genos realized when he tried to see the reactor core that Saitama was holding from the future.

Genos regains memories from past Genos, including the moment of his death. 

Seeing this, Genos realized that Saitama had made a time leap to save him. 

However, what he does creates a chain effect where a multiverse or other alternative reality emerges. 

Saitama himself does not fully understand this.

Based on that, does it mean that the "real" Genos is really dead? 

If we look at the theory of time travel where 'the future will turn into the present' then, it means that we can conclude that the "real" Genos is indeed dead. 

This is evident from the reactor core that Saitama was still holding in chapter 169 yesterday.

And that means the Genos living in the present are “different” Genos. 

It's certainly interesting to see Yusuke Murata want to include elements of time travel fiction into the One-Punch Man story. 

So, the conclusion was that Genos had indeed managed to rise again from the dead. 

However, the current Genos is different from the “original” version. 

Because, for the "original" version itself, it was killed by Garou.

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