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One Piece 1057 Spoiler: Not So Yamato Recruit, Luffy Gives Jolly Roger to Momonosuke

 Various assumptions from One Piece fans who believe that Yamato will become the next nakama Luffy and become the last crew of the Straw Hat pirates are finally answered in chapter 1057.

The presence of Yamato who has a temperament like Oden raises several theories related to Luffy's journey to Laugh Tale and finding One Piece.

Where the theory links between the journey of Gol D Roger who is the King of Pirates and Luffy in finding the treasure of One Piece.

On Roger's journey to collect road poneglyphs, he raises Kozuki Oden into his crew to help him read the object and heads to Raftel Island to find the One Piece treasure.

This is what underlies the theory about Luffy lifting Yamato into his last crew.

Also in One Piece manga chapter 1052, Yamato offered himself to be able to sail with Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates.

Yamato really wanted to sail out of Wano Country because he had read Oden's notebook.

Not only that, her meeting with Ace in the past made her desire to explore the world even more burning.

Like Oden, not only opening the gates of Wano and adventuring, Yamato also wants to become a pirate.

Yamato's desire to join the Luffy pirates because he was the one who saved Yamato from the sea stone handcuffs also when he saw the good intentions of the Straw Hat pirate captain to free Wano Country from Orochi and Kaido's rule.

Even before that, Yamato had also been curious about Luffy because of some of Ace's stories about his brother.

In the manga One Piece 1056 Yamato also expressed his desire to sail and become like Oden.

However, the fact that Yamato will be Luffy's new nakama was revealed in the One Piece chapter 1057 spoiler, as uploaded by the @OP_NEWS twitter account there is a spoiler that has been confirmed by Redon regarding Yamato's position in the Straw Hat pirates.

In the upload it was written that in the end Yamato did not go with Luffy, Yamato would go around Wano Country after that she would sail.

From this information it can be explained that Yamato is not the next nakama Luffy as fans think and some theories are circulating.

Although in the end Yamato will also sail and may also meet Luffy on his adventure.

Not only about Yamato, in chapter 1057 it turned out that before actually leaving Wano, Luffy gave his Jolly Roger to Momonosuke.

Jolly Roger is the pride of the pirates.

Not only giving Jolly Roger, Luffy also promised Momonosuke that one day he would return to Wano Country to meet them.

With this farewell, finally Luffy and the Straw Hat pirate crew and Law and Kid officially left Wano Country.

The end of the Wano country is a sign that it is time for the final saga and the battle to find One Piece to begin.

As Shanks said in manga chapter 1054 that it's time to join the fight to get One Piece.

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