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One Piece: Why is the World Government Targeting The Will of D?

One Piece: Why is the World Government Targeting The Will of D?

The World Government seems to have started to get scared by resurrecting the Will of D in the One Piece series. 

They began to worry that the Will of D would begin to take power, and also start the great storm they had promised. 

However, there is a big question that then arises regarding this matter. 

Why is it only now showing such a big reaction?

As we know in One Piece chapter 1053 yesterday, at the beginning of the chapter we saw how the Gorosei seemed to panic. 

However, it wasn't the news about the news about the new game value and the election of two new Yonko that made them panic. 

But how the name "D" appears in the new hunted poster.

At first glance there may not be anything strange from the reactions they show. 

However, if you recall, this was the first time the Gorosei or the World Government seemed to panic with the name "D" in the game value poster. 

Why is that? 

So far, throughout the series they seem normal when the latest game poster appears. 

The Gorosei didn't seem to mind the name "D" in the wanted poster.

We can see this from the hunted posters for Luffy or Blackbeard and even Gol D. Roger. 

However, what then becomes a question is why are they only now showing a panic attitude regarding the name "D"? 

Why only now did they want to remove that “D” from the game value poster? 

This may have something to do with what happened with recent events.

A Storm Is Coming?

One Piece: Why is the World Government Targeting The Will of D?

As mentioned above, the big question is why only now are they panicking about the letter "D" in the hunted poster? 

It is possible that they are now starting to realize that the ancient threat or "prophecy" about the Will of D is starting to come true. 

It may be that they previously thought that the threat would not appear for hundreds or thousands of years to come.

However, with what has happened in the world in recent times, it seems to make the Gorosei finally realize that the threat is coming in the near future. 

And it can be a disaster for them, if they are not vigilant. 

Then, what kind of big threat is the Will of D? 

Based on the existing "prophecy", after disappearing for a long time the name "D" will revive.

Not only will they rise again, they will also return to bring a big "storm" that will threaten the sustainability of the World Government. 

Reportedly, the figure who will revive the spirit or determination of D is Luffy. 

Not only that, Luffy is also predicted to be the one who brings the big storm. 

And it seems, from what Oda has presented so far the prediction has proven true.

Luffy has been getting a lot of attention for what he did. 

Like breaking through Impel Down, going to Enies Lobby, defeating the Shichibukai and Yonko, and the most epic of course is challenging the World Government. 

Chances are, at first they didn't take Luffy too seriously. 

They thought Luffy was just another young pirate like Kid and Law or another Worst Generation.

However, unexpectedly, it turns out that Luffy is not an ordinary figure. 

Luffy turns out to be part of the Monkey D family which has various important roles in the story. 

Then, he is also the one who has consumed the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, Model Nika. 

The Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit is a devil fruit that the World Government has been eyeing for 800 years. 

However, the highlight of Luffy's "threat" is how he turns out to be the new Joy Boy.

New World Government Aware?

One Piece: Why is the World Government Targeting The Will of D?

The World Government seems to have just started to realize about Luffy's figure after the various actions he took. 

Then, in chapter 906, there is a moment where Im brings Luffy's poster while looking at the big straw hat stored in Mary Geoise. 

Im seems to be starting to realize who Luffy really is through the "connections" of the straw hat he's wearing.

And from that moment Im began to realize that Luffy is not an ordinary figure, but the embodiment of a threat or prophecy about the Will of D. 

This could be what then made Im decide to "remove" the name "D" from Luffy's wanted poster and also those who have the name Another "D". 

But, sadly, it was too late because everything was already in print and already scattered. 

Morgan himself realized that the World Government seemed to be trying to cover up this fact.

The conclusion in One Piece

One Piece: Why is the World Government Targeting The Will of D?

The World Government seems too late to realize who Luffy really is. 

And they are also too late to remove the name "D" from the wanted poster, because logically people around the world already know who Luffy, Blackbeard, and so on. 

So, it feels like it would be a waste if they managed to keep the name a secret.

How then the World Government shows Luffy in Gear 5, it seems like it will backfire for them. 

People around the world seem to be slowly starting to lose faith in the World Government and they are starting to realize who Luffy really is. 

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