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One Piece Chapter 1057: World Chaos, The Next Island Luffy Must Conquer


Officially leaving Wano Country, Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates will go on a new adventure in One Piece chapter 1057.

After Luffy left Wano, the Wano One Piece arc has officially ended.

On the next adventure Luffy will face even more challenges, especially now that he is one of the Yonkou.

With the appointment of Luffy as a Yonkou and his current bounty price is three billion Belly.

This makes Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates the target of both the World Government, Navy, Pirates and bounty hunters.

After resolving the chaos in Wano and freeing the people of Wano from Kaido and Orochi with a very authoritarian leadership, Luffy will face some of the chaos that is happening outside Wano.

As in the OP_NEWS2022 Twitter account upload that the One Piece manga chapter 1057 describes a chaotic world.

There was some chaos that appeared in the New Era after two Yonkou namely Big Mom and Kaido were defeated.

Starting from the appointment of two new Yonkou, namely Luffy and Buggy, the disbandment of the Shichibukai which had an impact on its members who were wanted by the Navy.

The formation of the Cross Guild organization which is a group of pirates who hunt the Navy and the news about Sabo who killed King Nefertari Cobra which also caused several countries to make resistance movements against the World Government.

With all this chaos, Luffy will focus on the news about Sabo and the King of Alabasta.

The two people have a relationship with Luffy, namely Sabo who is his brother and Nefertari Cobra who is the father of his best friend Vivi.

The news must have surprised Luffy, with all the chaos that occurred Luffy would still continue his journey to the next island.

As Luffy was about to part ways with Law and Kidd, they decided to vote on the direction they would take.

Namely with the result that Luffy headed to the southeast, Law to the Northeast and Kidd to the East.

Until now Eiichiro Oda has not confirmed the next island Luffy will go to, but it is estimated that Luffy will head to an island where the Road Poneglyph is located.

There are three islands that are thought to be the site of the last road poneglyph, namely Elbaf, Vira, and Hachinosu.

Of the three islands above, many One Piece fans believe that the next island that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates will go to is Elbaf Island.

Elbaf Island is known as an island that is home to the Giants, based on some clues as Elbaf Island was mentioned in the Little Garden arc.

Also the presence of several giants in the One Piece story as well as the desire of Usopp who is Luffy's crew to go to Elbaf Island.

As on several previous islands, Luffy is always faced with an enemy.

Therefore Luffy must conquer the enemies he will face to be able to continue the adventure of getting One Piece treasure.

In addition, if it is true that on Elbaf Island there is a road poneglyph, of course Luffy will not be easy to get the object guarded and to retrieve it only by defeating the King on Elbaf Island.

Because currently the Straw Hat Pirates have obtained three road poneglyphs, by finding the 4th road poneglyph Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates can travel to Raftel Island to find the One Piece treasure.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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