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One Piece: Not Only Robin Can Read Poneglyphs!

One Piece: Not Only Robin Can Read Poneglyphs!

Similar to the other members of the Straw Hats, Nico Robin is also one of the most wanted figures in the One Piece series. 

However, the difference between Robin and the rest of the crew is that the World Government wants Robin to be caught alive. 

Why is that? 

This is related to Robin's ability to read Poneglyphs.

The figure of Nico Robin is a big threat to the World Government. 

Not because of the power she has, but because of the knowledge in her head. 

Robin is the last resident of Ohara to survive. 

The inhabitants of Ohara dedicate their lives to learning about the Poneglyphs. 

Robin is one of the people who learn about the Poneglyphs, including how to read them.

This is what killed the entire population of Ohara as a result of the Buster Call, and the reason why the World Government is so after Robin's life. 

In fact, they also blamed Robin for the terrible event. 

Capturing Robin not only prevents the big secret from being spread throughout the world, but also gives them the opportunity to get One Piece first.

No longer the only one

One Piece: Not Only Robin Can Read Poneglyphs!

For more than two decades Nico Robin is considered to be the only person who can read the Poneglyphs. 

Many people tried to catch her, from the World Government to the Yonko. 

However, it seemed that now she was no longer the only person able to read the Poneglyphs. 

The reason, it turns out that there are other people who can read Poneglyphs. 

That figure is Kozuki Sukiyaki.

In chapter 1053 yesterday, when Robin was in the dungeon looking for information about Pluton, she then met the figure of Tenguyama. 

However, a surprising fact emerges where it turns out that the real identity of Tenguyama is Kozuki Sukiyaki, the father of Kozuki Oden and the grandfather of Momonosuke and Hiyori. 

Previously, the figure of Sukiyaki was considered dead due to Orochi.

However, it turns out that all this time he had been hiding and disguised himself as another figure, namely Tenguyama Hitetsu. 

Robin then asked Sukiyaki about the whereabouts of Pluton, which he later confirmed that the Ancient Weapon was indeed in Wano. 

The appearance of Sukiyaki itself gives a hint that it means that currently there are two people in the world of One Piece who are able to read Poneglyphs.

As revealed in chapter 818, the Kozuki clan is the family responsible for making and sculpting all the Poneglyphs in the world of One Piece. 

Their knowledge of how to make and read Poneglyphs was passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, due to the situation, that didn't happen to Momonosuke and Hiyori either.

However, with Kozuki Oden being able to write and read Poneglyphs, it means that his father, Sukiyaki, taught Oden this. 

Seeing what had happened so far, the World Government still didn't seem to know about Sukiyaki's surviving figure. 

If that happens, then it's not only Robin's life that is being targeted but also Sukiyaki.

Sukiyaki's Future Role in One Piece

One Piece: Not Only Robin Can Read Poneglyphs!

Oda Sensei said that the Wano Country arc will be the most important storyline in the series. 

And we've seen various evidences of that, such as the history of Laugh Tale and others. 

There must be a reason why then Oda made the Sukiyaki character still alive. 

One of the most logical reasons of course is so that Nico Robin can learn a lot about Poneglyphs.

In chapter 1053 yesterday, Robin already got a little information about Pluton directly from "the source".

In the future, Sukiyaki seems to have an important role, especially for Nico Robin. 

Moreover, at this time, One Piece has begun to enter the final Saga and Oda also promises to present various big secrets of the world. 

This means that Sukiya's role will be very important in revealing these secrets.

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