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One Piece : Buggy Threats To The Navy, What's The Bounty For Chief Akainu?


After Buggy was appointed as a Yonkou, he became a threat to the Marines.

After Buggy was known for his business, at this time he also formed an organization containing several former Shichibukai members.

After the Shichibukai was disbanded according to Reverie's decision, Buggy and the members of the Shichibukai became the target of the Pirates.

Because of this, several former members of the Shichibukai including Buggy formed an organization called the Cross Guild.

Information about Cross Guild is shown in One Piece manga chapter 1056, where in the newspaper there is a poster of the Cross Guild organization with photos of Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile.

As a former Shichibukai who became the target of the navy, the Cross Guild organization set a bounty on several members of the Navy.

After giving the Marines a head price then Pirates even ordinary citizens can hunt down the Marines.

As was the case with some pirates, some of whom had high bounties due to their presence troubling the world government, the Cross Guild would also place high bounties on the Marines according to their current position.

In the Navy, only a handful of people can occupy the top positions, namely there are three very crucial positions, namely Fleet Admiral, Admiral and Vice Admiral.

People who can occupy these positions are members of a strong navy.

The highest position in the navy is Fleet Admiral, currently that position is occupied by Sakazuki Akainu.

Akainu is a devil fruit user, his devil fruit is the Logia type Magu Magu no Mi where Akainu is able to control Magma and he can even turn himself into Magma.

During the war at Marineford, Akainu had a very important role. After the Marineford war he fought with Kuzan for the position of Fleet Admiral.

When compared to the Pirates, Akainu has an equal position with the Yonkou, so it is possible that the Cross Guild will give Akainu a bounty ranging from two to four billion Belly.

In addition to the Fleet Admiral, the 3 Admirals will also have a bounty equal to the Yonkou Division Commanders, which is one to two billion Belly.

Even though currently the top Marines have a bounty, no one dares to hunt them down except for pirates who have a fleet and strength on par with them.

Putting a bounty on the Marines will cause chaos in the One Piece World.

The Navy which is the front line for the World Government will affect the performance of the Navy as a result of the hunt for the Navy.

This was considered a threat to the World Government, so Buggy and the members of the Cross Guild would become the focus of the Marines.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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