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One Piece: Shanks Can Easily Find Laugh Tale with Voice of All Things

One Piece: Shanks Can Easily Find Laugh Tale with Voice of All Things

In the One Piece series there are many characters who use devil fruit. In fact, most of them dominate the story. 

On the other hand, there are also characters who have the power of Haki or willpower. 

Haki itself is a power that is usually used to match the power of a devil fruit. 

Speaking of Haki, Shanks is the strongest Haki user in the series at the moment.

Unlike the other Yonko, Shanks doesn't have any devil fruit powers. 

Haki is a weapon he always uses in battle. 

His Conqueror Haki ability also received recognition from Whitebeard, which was evident when he visited his ship and made most of his pirate crew faint. 

He was also able to stop the magma blow from Sakazuki.

And the most recent is what appeared in chapter 1055 yesterday. In the chapter, it appears Shanks is in the Wano beach area. 

However, he and his crew decided to stay on the ship. 

Before leaving, Shanks had time to show his Advanced Conqueror Haki which was very extraordinary.

We can see this from the black flash that appears above the sky where Aramaki and Momonosuke and the others are fighting. In addition, after seeing that extraordinary black flash, Admiral Aramaki was able to feel an extremely intimidating spirit. 

However, there is a speculation that what Shanks saw was not just ordinary Conqueror Haki but the Voice of All Things.

What is Voice Of All Things

One Piece: Shanks Can Easily Find Laugh Tale with Voice of All Things

The Voice Of All Thing is a unique ability, which appears in the One Piece series. 

Until now, Eiichiro Oda still doesn't want to give more information about Voice Of All Things. 

That's why there is no clear or detailed explanation of what Voice Of All Things actually is.

Based on what is shown in the story, Voice Of All Things is an ability that not everyone has. 

Someone who has this ability or power, can hear any sound that exists in the world of One Piece. 

They could hear other living things besides humans. 

What's even more awesome is that Voice Of All Things can make someone hear inanimate objects, for example Poneglyphs.

This ability first appears early in the series, along with other abilities such as Haki. 

For Voice of All Thing, this ability first appears in chapter 13 in the manga and in episode 6 in the anime version. 

And his own name was only mentioned in chapter 507, where Silvers Rayleigh explained that Roger had the ability to listen to Poneglyphs on the sky island.

Roger himself is the Pirate King who spreads the news about his latest treasure - One Piece - being stored in Laugh Tale.

So it's no surprise for Shanks to reach Laugh Tale if he does have the Voice of All Thing.

So far, it is possible to count on the fingers of those who are known to have this ability. Examples are Momonosuke, Kozuki Oden, and Roger. 

The Voice of All Thing is a thing that can lead someone who wants to go to the last island that is Laugh Tale, and it is very difficult for them to be able to go to Laugh Tale without this ability.

Shanks Use Voice Of All Things?

One Piece: Shanks Can Easily Find Laugh Tale with Voice of All Things

The series itself has not confirmed this. 

However, it could be that what we saw in chapter 1055 yesterday gives a hint that Shanks is also capable of using this technique. 

There are several things that are considered to be clues to this. 

First, there is a sound effect when the Haki that Shanks releases reaches Aramaki's body.

So far, Oda has never shown any sound effects when someone is exposed to Haki. 

They will usually immediately feel the power of the Haki. 

Second, Shanks is able to communicate with Aramaki through the Haki he uses. 

Again so far there has never been a character capable of doing such a thing. 

In fact, Roger and Rayleigh himself never seem to be able to do that.

In addition to the moment in chapter 1055 yesterday, in the previous chapter we can also see the moment of using Voice of All Things. 

When Luffy drowned, Momonosuke could hear Luffy's "inner voice" telling him he was fine. 

In addition, thanks to this power, the Hati pirate group was able to help him and Luffy survived.

How Oda presents these various moments is similar to when Oda began to introduce Haki in his story. 

For now, indeed we have not received confirmation that it is the Voice of All Things. 

However, maybe in the future we will get an explanation about this.

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