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One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

Not all members of the Marine are hated, but there are some members who are indeed loved by One Piece fans.

For information, the Marine are military organizations in One Piece that have the goal of dealing with Pirates.

Each member has a different attitude, some are cruel like Akainu and kind like Garp.

Here are 5 members of the Marine in One Piece that are loved by fans.

1. Smoker

One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

Besides being kind and fair, Smoker is one of the popular characters in One Piece.

Smoker became the first person to show the ability of a Logia-type Devil Fruit that made Luffy helpless at that time.

While in the Alabasta arc, he was willing to let go of the Straw Hats for saving him after drowning.

Even Smoker firmly denied that he had defeated Crocodile who was then defeated by Luffy.

In the story, he also frequently switches roles between friend and foe of the Straw Hat crew.

2. Coby

One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

Coby is a Captain in the Marine who trained together with Helmeppo.

Coby was originally just a cabin boy under the leadership of the Alvida Pirates.

He who was weak was freed by Monkey D. Luffy.

Coby always trains hard with discipline and never gives up to become a great Marine.

3. Monkey D Garp

One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

Garp is a Vice Admiral in the Marine whose strength is on par with the Pirate King Roger.

One Piece fans love Garp for his love of freedom and family.

In addition, he is a Marine who has strong morals and is not very obedient to the Celestial Dragons.

4. Donquixote Rosinante

One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

Rosinante is the 13th most popular flashback character in One Piece history in 2021.

It is known, Rosinante is Doflamingo's younger brother who has a caring nature for others.

While his brother, Doflamingo is a cruel and vengeful monster.

Prior to his tragic death at the hands of Doflamingo, Rosinante was a double agent for the Donquixote Pirates and a

One Piece fans really love this member of the Marine for educating Trafalgar Law as a child. If it weren't for Rosinante, Law would probably be dead.

5. Aokiji

One Piece: 5 Marines Loved by Fans

Aokiji is an admiral in the Marines on par with Kizaru and Akainu.

Apart from having an easygoing nature, he is a very complex individual who sometimes helps his enemies.

Aokiji is willing to compromise with pirates like Luffy if their cause is worthwhile.

But now he has left the Marine and joined the Blackbeard Pirates.

It is known that the reason why Aokiji left the organization was because of different goals from Akainu who firmly held the Absolute policy.

Because of that he decided to leave the Marine instead of serving Akainu's orders.

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