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One Piece 1057 Spoilers: A Surprise For Yamato Fans!

One Piece 1057: A Surprise For Yamato Fans!

Hints regarding One Piece 1057 have been given by leakers.

It is predicted that in One Piece 1057 it will be known how the fate of Yamato will be.

Did she really join the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates, or in One Piece 1057 it was finally revealed that Yamato was not part of Luffy's crew.

Here are the hints given by the leakers regarding this chapter.

The first clue is an emoji of a peach, a fox, and a bye, which seems to refer to Momonosuke.

It is possible that finally Momonosuke and Kinemon who had not had time to say goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates could say goodbye to them.

The next clue is an emoji like the gate in Wano and the word bye, which indicates that the Straw Hat crew has now left Wano.

In addition, the leaker also said that Yamato fans will love this chapter in a strange way.

Curious is not what actually happens in this upcoming chapter.

One Piece 1057: A Surprise For Yamato Fans!

One of the leakers also said that maybe many were not happy with this chapter, but Yamato herself was very happy.

Another clue is a picture of a building with an ever-increasing number.

The prediction of this clue is the bounty value of the crew or the growing number of alliances.

It is also said that the Straw Hats will finally face a world that has now become chaotic, and how will Luffy continue his dream?

Disclaimer: Those were some hints from leakers regarding One Piece 1057, this is just for entertainment and doesn't mean to predate the original story.

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