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One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

Laugh Tale has been the ultimate goal of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates since the One Piece series began. 

Laugh Tale itself is a mysterious island, the position of which we never know. 

Even so, Laugh Tale is the last island that became a destination for pirates. 

There is also the treasure of One Piece.

Besides Luffy and his crew, there are many other pirates who also have the same dream as Luffy, which is to find One Piece and go to Laugh Tale Island. 

There are several people who are known to have made it to and set foot on the island in the last 800 years. 

1. Crocuses

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

Crocus is one of Roger's close associates who is also a doctor on his ship. 

What's interesting about Crocus is that he is not the pirate crew Roger joined at the beginning of his adventure. 

Crocus only joined Roger when he found out he was not too old. 

This is due to a mysterious disease that he suffers from.

The existence of Crocus to ensure Roger's health so that he can reach the island of Laugh Tale.

Even though he had just joined Roger's crew, Crocus was one of the people who joined and set foot on the last island. 

He is also the first person Luffy met, who gave Luffy instructions on how to navigate the Grand Line territory. 

Crocus also forbade Buggy to come, due to the fever he was suffering from.

2. Gaban Scopper

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

Scopper Gaban is one of Roger's confidants, apart from Rayleigh. 

He sailed to the last island with the rest of Roger's crew. 

Considering his status in the crew, it is possible that Scopper Gaban was one of the early crew members to join Roger. 

The captain himself described Scopper Gaban as one of his best crew.

While on the island of Laugh Tale, Gaban looks so fascinated by the treasures and stories that lie on the island. 

Unfortunately, just like Seagull, Gaban hasn't appeared again this time either. 

Many fans believe that Scopper Gaban will appear and help Luffy to Laugh Tale.

3. Seagull

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

Seagull is one of the few Roger pirate crew whose figures we already know in the story. 

And he was a crew member who went to Laugh Tale Island until then Roger's pirate crew disbanded. 

Not much information we know about the figure of Seagull. 

One thing is for sure, he is not just any pirate. By being one of Roger's crew, it means he has tremendous power.

He was also one of the witnesses when Roger wrote his name on the Poneglyph in Laugh Tale. 

And just like the rest of the crew, who were also on their way to Laugh Tale, Seagull knew all the secrets of the world. 

Unfortunately, Seagull hasn't reappeared this time. 

Maybe Seagull can guide Luffy to Laugh Tale.

4. Silvers Rayleigh

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

It feels like geeks already know a lot about this legendary figure. 

Rayleigh is a confidant of Roger, the right-hand man of the pirate king. 

He was also the one who went to the island of Laugh Tale, saw the treasure there, and read the Poneglyph containing the secrets of the world. 

Actually, this was already known when Luffy was in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Rayleigh had time to tell his past. While at Shakkey's bar, Rayleigh says he knows all the stories that happened in the past. In addition, he also knew about the meaning of the name D. 

At that time, Rayleigh could have told him what he knew

However, Luffy decided to find out all the secrets himself.

5. Kozuki Oden

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

The figure of Kozuki Oden had become the main character in the Wano arc, where he appeared in a flashback moment. 

From the beginning, Oden had aspired to become a pirate. 

Until then he met with Whitebeard who accepted him into his crew. 

However, it turns out that Roger is interested in Oden's figure because he can read the Poneglyph, a treasure made by the Kozuki family.

Just like Crocus, Oden only joined Roger's crew for approximately two years. 

Oden helps Roger translate the various clues in the Poneglyph, and leads him to Laugh Tale. 

After reaching Laugh Tale and laughing with Roger, Oden then wrote down all his adventures in a diary. 

He also wrote down what he knew in the notebook which made Momonosuke decide to get back up from his slump.

6. Gol D. Roger

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

Just like Rayleigh, it seems that geeks also know who Gol D. Roger is. 

He is the pirate king, the one who managed to reach the island of Laugh Tale thanks to the help of Kozuki Oden. 

However, when Roger arrived on the island and found his treasure, he just laughed which was then followed by the rest of his crew.

We still don't know what Roger and his crew were laughing at. 

But, what is certain is that she really wants to be at the same time as Joy Boy. 

What's interesting is that Roger's first reaction after finding the treasure was to laugh. 

This is also what later inspired the name of this island.

7. Joy Boy

One Piece: 7 Characters Who Have Found Laugh Tale!

Joy Boy is an important figure in history in the world of One Piece. 

In fact, in the current Wano arc, the figure of Joy Boy seems to be one of the main concerns in the story. 

The figure of Joy Boy has a big role in what happened in the past. 

As we know, while on the fish-man island there is a Poneglyph that contains a message.

What's interesting is that Roger wasn't the first to set foot on Laugh Tale. 

Many believe that Joy Boy did this some 800 years ago, when the lost century occurred. 

And One Piece itself is believed to be a treasure left by Joy Boy. 

However, everything is still just speculation and need evidence for this.

Although difficult and almost impossible to find, but there are some people who managed to reach the island. 

And when they make it to the island, they will be presented with various extraordinary things. 

Only a few steps left Luffy and his crew making it to Laugh Tale.

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