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One Piece 1058 Reddit Spoiler: Akagami's True Purpose Revealed

After One Piece 1057 was over, there were many drivers related to chapter 1058 circulating on social media including spoilers from reddit.

Here's a spoiler from Reddit and an explanation.

As is known, many fans believe Shanks is not a bad person.

Why did Shanks wait so long? Why did he wait 12 years.

Luffy eats Shanks' One Piece key.

Shanks had been waiting all this time for Joy Boy to show up, because he knew it was the only way he could get One Piece.

That was why he had to save Luffy at all costs.

Shanks went to Marineford, to ensure Luffy's survival.

And why Shanks is in Wano, to ensure Luffy's survival.

He had been monitoring Luffy closely for a reason.

But he seems to keep his distance too, so Luffy can grow in his own way and unlock his proper potential.

He had just been there, ready, at the crucial moment.

Shanks only intervened when he believed Luffy was in danger.

Throughout the series Shanks has been shown as someone who really cares about keeping the peace.

Meddling in things that don't really matter to him.

But whenever he interferes, it is closely related to Luffy, and Luffy alone.

He didn't want Ace to go after Blackbeard because he knew it would involve Luffy.

Nothing Shanks has done so far can be explained outside of his relationship with Luffy.

Shanks has ulterior motives, Shanks has his own ambitions.

He has done everything he has done for a reason.

He didn't just go out to sea and form his own crew so he could be there to entertain others, or be a good person.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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