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One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: 3 New Members of the Straw Hat Crew

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: 3 New Members of the Straw Hat Crew

The Wano Country arc is a story journey full of surprises and suspense as well as drama in the One Piece story. 

Some of the surprises that appeared in the Wano arc were the discovery of the island of Laugh Tale, how Oden was executed by Kaido, the re-joining of Jinbei with the Straw Hats, and of course the defeat of the two Yonko who were the main villains.

For the Straw Hat crew, getting a new crew means adding strength and filling the "vacant" position that has not been filled so far. 

An example is Jinbei, who besides having tremendous power, Jinbei is also an expert in controlling the ship's rudder. 

So far, there have been 10 members of the Straw Hat crew (besides Vivi, who is an unofficial member).

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: 3 New Members of the Straw Hat Crew

Even so, many fans hope that some of the characters that appear in this Wano arc can join and become the new Nakama. 

The fans themselves had a surprise in chapter 1051 yesterday. In the chapter, the Straw Hat crew has a new Nakama. The new Nakama figure turns out to be Yamato, who is Kaido's son.

Yamato proclaimed herself to the rest of the Straw Hats that she would be the new Nakama of the crew. 

This immediately got mixed reactions from the other Straw Hat crew. Some fans themselves predict that Kaido's son will become the new Straw Hat crew. 

However, in the leak for chapter 1057 we also get an answer regarding this.

Yamato decided not to join the Straw Hat crew, at least for now. 

According to her, she wants to be like Kozuki Oden completely. 

Therefore, before becoming a pirate, she wanted to have an adventure in Wano country first. 

This again brought up a big surprise among fans. Even so, this gives a hint that Yamato is returning to an unofficial crew like Vivi.

Will There Be Another New Crew?

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: 3 New Members of the Straw Hat Crew

Besides Yamato, actually the fans themselves have often predicted about which characters might become the new Nakama. 

In fact, this prediction has appeared since the Wano Country arc started. 

There are several characters who have a strong possibility of becoming a new part of the Straw Hat crew. For example the figure of Carrot.

Carrot joins Luffy in the Whole Cake Island arc. At that time, she helped Luffy save Sanji from Big Mom's clutches. 

Carrot's presence was very positively welcomed by all the crew and many fans thought that Carrot had great potential to join the Straw Hat crew. 

Then, the other figure was Kozuki Momonosuke.

Momonosuke has many similarities to Luffy's figure such as having a strong determination to achieve his dreams and being able to hear the voice of the Voice of All Things. 

Momonosuke has always idolized his father, whose father was also a pirate in addition to a samurai. Many fans speculate that Momonosuke's joining the Straw Hat crew will be a moment of Momo's maturity.

And what's also surprising is that Momo seems to be another unofficial part of the Straw Hat crew. 

In fact, not only Momonosuke, Kinemon also became an unofficial part of the Straw Hat crew. 

This is based on a leak from chapter 1057. 

Even so, there is an important note that you need to pay attention to.

According to leaked information, before Luffy left Wano, he told Yamato, Kinemon, and Momonosuke that he was ready to come back to pick them up if they later thought or were ready to become a pirate. 

Based on this, it means that the three of them were invited by Luffy to become the new Nakama. 

However, they are not official members.


One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: 3 New Members of the Straw Hat CrewOne Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: 3 New Members of the Straw Hat Crew

Based on the explanation above, from the leaked chapter 1057 circulating in cyberspace, we can conclude that the Straw Hats have a new Nakama arrival, namely Kinemon, Momonosuke, and Yamato. 

Even so, they still haven't officially become part of the Straw Hats. 

Luffy simply confirms that he is ready to return to Wano to pick them up when they are ready to become pirates.

That is, Luffy accepted all three to later become part of the crew. 

However, Luffy realized that they still needed time. 

Technically, the three characters we can think of as unofficial Nakama as well as Vivi. 

It was only a matter of time before the three of them then joined Luffy. 

After all, there is no urgent business for the three characters to join the Straw Hats.

In addition to being Nakama, the three of them can become allies like what happened in this Wano arc. 

They may reunite in the future, where they unite to face a common enemy.

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