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One Punch Man Chapter 168: Garou vs Saitama fight ends, its Awesomeness Destroys Jupiter

One Punch Man Chapter 168 is eagerly awaited by all fans, the article in this series shows a battle that has been eagerly awaited.

One Punch Man fans talk a lot about various events, and one of them is the long-awaited battle between Garou and Saitama.

In the One Punch Man Chapter 168 series, the long-awaited battle between Garou and Saitama is finally over.

In Chapter 168, One Punch Man has many interesting elements for fans to enjoy, especially featuring the humor that One Punch Man is known for.

Some of the predictions made regarding this Chapter 168 came true,

Saitama and Garou fight on Jupiter's moon. Garou uses the portal to punch Saitama from a distance.

Saitama then imitates Garou's Movement and he then realizes that Saitama has imitated his move on purpose.

Saitama, nicknamed the Cloaked Bald, provokes Garou by asking him to try to surpass Saitama by imitating his abilities.

Garou then realizes that no one at Saitama's level has noticed his constant growth.

Due to his increased temper, Saitama's growth rate increases exponentially, and Garou can no longer keep up.

In One Punch Man Chapter 168, Saitama almost destroys Jupiter when he fights Garou.

Caped Baldy was able to intercept one of Garou's punches and block it. However, the Hero Hunters looked worried as Saitama put on a scary face.

Then Saitama developed a new movement that is Serious Sneezing.

This destroyed half of Jupiter facing the moon they were on.

Garou tries to stay calm and composed, but basically he's really scared of Saitama.

Garou thinks that he will be able to defeat Saitama. In addition, he could see the sun since it was launched into space.

He opened the portal to the sun and punched Saitama into the hyperspace gate.

Moments before God took back Garou's power, he was able to demonstrate his best technique to Saitama.

Then the Cloaked Bald went back in time. During the passage of time, he saw Garou, who was in an unpleasant future

Launching from the Sportskeeda page, Saitama was able to beat Garou's Cosmic Fear Mode with zero hits. Genos is still alive since Saitama neutralized Garou in time, and he's happy to see his student. Garou's power slowly dissipates, and the chapter ends here.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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