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One Piece : Zunisha Heads To Joy Boy's Place, The Voice of the Liberator is in Wano Country

One Piece with several mystery stories in it makes the story attract many people.

As the author of the One Piece story, Eichiro Oda even lets his fans make wild theories for the One Piece story.

One Piece which has entered its 25th year has an interesting story which contains the adventures of the pirates.

The One Piece series not only tells about adventures, but the One Piece story also contains problems of power politics and there are several characters that are still a mystery.

Some of these characters even have a big influence in the One Piece story, but until the latest One Piece manga the figures of these characters have not been revealed.

Joy Boy is one of the characters that is still a mystery in the world of One Piece, but has a big influence on the storyline.

The figure of Joy Boy is someone who comes from the past, more precisely during the void century or the century of emptiness.

Joy Boy is known as the liberator because he is awaited by some people like the people of Wano Kuni Country.

The existence of Joy Boy can be detected by an ancient animal named Zunisha.

Zunisha is a giant elephant, also known as the walking island. There is an island on Zunisha's back and it is the residence of the Mink tribe.

The way Zunisha can detect Joy Boy's presence is by feeling the heartbeat and hearing Joy Boy's voice.

This also proves that in the past Zunisha was connected to Joy Boy.

Although Joy Boy is a person who came from 800 years ago according to the current One Piece timeline, in One Piece chapter 1043 Zunisha felt the presence of Joy Boy.

Zunisha went to where Joy Boy was, namely in Wano Country. this was revealed in Zunisha's conversation with Momonosuke.

Momonosuke is one of the people who can hear Zunisha's voice because he is a descendant of the Kozuki Clan who still has a relationship with the ancient Gaja in the past.

The conversation between Zunisha and Momonosuke contains the whereabouts of Joy Boy. Where Zunisha heard the voice of the liberator who reappeared.

The voice belongs to Joy Boy, and Zunisha is on his way to Wano Country because he detects Joy Boy's voice there.

Some people think that Luffy is Joy Boy and he is also the one who has freed Wano Country from the greed and cruelty given by Orochi and Kaido.

In the final saga that is being prepared by Eichiro Oda, it will certainly reveal the figure of Joy Boy.

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