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One Piece 1054: Is this the reason Law and Kid didn't become Yonko?

Surprisingly Buggy was chosen as a Yonko in One Piece by replacing Law and Kid.

As we all know Law and Kid were previously predicted to be the next Yonko, but they didn't.

Until the release of One Piece 1054, the reason why Law and Kid didn't become Yonko was unknown.

But recently it was revealed the reason why they didn't become Yonko, in One Piece 1054 instructions.

As is known, through a long and difficult battle, Law and Kid finally managed to defeat Big Mom in Wano.

Then they got the same bounty value of 3 billion berries as well as being the new Yonko candidate after Kaido and Big Mom's seats were vacant.

But instead of Law or Kid being the Yonko, Luffy and Buggy surprisingly took the place.

The news suddenly shocked everyone, because it was completely unexpected.

Unlike Luffy, Law and Kid haven't made any major events in One Piece.

Law himself earned the title of Shichibukai by giving 100 pirate hearts to the Marines.

The only accomplishment accomplished during his time as Warlord was forging an alliance with Luffy.

After that, he somehow turned into a supporting character.

As for Kid, his biggest achievement is defeating Big Mom and that's it.

Quoted from CBR, the reason Law and Kid did not become Yonko was because of differences in strength and power.

Both Law and Kid they have no influence in the world of One Piece.

While Luffy already has his Grand Fleet, Law and Kid only have a relatively small crew.

Whereas Law's diverse crew of pirates can't really be relied on during major battles.

Law and Kid may not be at the Yonko level yet but both have their advantages.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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