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One Piece 1054 Spoilers: Yonkou Big Mom's Condition Died, The Child Brightly Opposes the World Government

The surprise occurred in One Piece chapter 1054, where Yonkou Big Mom was reportedly killed in the Wano arc.

The death of Yonkou Big Mom in the One Piece story came from a leak from YouTube Anime OP which was uploaded on Friday 8 July 2022.

In the Youtube channel it was discussed that Big Mom died at the end of the Wano arc.

However, it has not been confirmed whether Big Mom's death was caused by Law and Kid's uniform or whether she was killed by Admiral Ryokugyu.

Admiral Ryokugyu had just come to Wano secretly.

Admiral Ryokugyu came without reporting to his superiors when he arrived at Wano.

In addition, Ryokugyu has also asked the navy to add troops to Wano.

This request for troops from Ryokugyu was supposed to start the battle at Wano.

Not only that, Ryokugyu is also known to have fought with Yonkou Big Mom.

But this fight is one-sided, because Big Mom has just fought the two worst generations, namely Kid and Law.

Big Mom was also reported to have died in the fight against Ryokugyu in the One Piece arc Wano.

In addition, Ryokugyu's devil fruit has also entered the awakening mode.

This is one of the causes of Big Mom's death in Wano.

The death of Big Mom made the children challenge the navy openly.

Even Katakuri asked for help from Luffy to avenge Ryokugyu.

Big Mom is indeed a strong figure in One Piece.

Previously, it was known that in One Piece chapter 1054 it was pointed out that Kaido and Big Mom would rise and fight again with Ryokugyu.

The final battle between Admiral and Yonkou seems to be happening in One Piece arc Wano.

It's just that, with the battered condition after Luffy finished off, the two of them wouldn't be able to fight Ryokugyu.

Kaido and Big Mom, who previously lost to Luffy, don't seem to have been completely killed.

Naturally, Kaido was angry with Ryokugyu, because two generals from his pirates, Queen and King, were killed by Ryokugyu.

The revenge mission was echoed by Kaido and Big Mom after seeing Ryokugyu arrive at Luffy's victory party.

Not only that, Kaido is known to return to the form of a dragon monster after seeing Ryokugyu in anger.

As we know, if Kaido and Big Mom are still dying and it will not be possible to fight Admiral Ryokugyu who is still fresh.

Several theories are circulating, if when Kaido and Big Mom forced themselves against Admiral Ryokugyu.

And so, Katakuri will come and take revenge on Admiral Ryokugyu.

From the very beginning of the formation of Kaido and Big Mom's alliance, Katakuri was a crew that was not shown during the Wano arc.

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