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One Piece: How to Unlock Pluton Finally Revealed!

One Piece: How to Unlock Pluton Finally Revealed!

Pluton is the first Ancient Weapon that Oda Sensei introduced to One Piece fans. 

There is no information as to what the original form of Pluton will be. 

However, based on existing information Pluton is a "most terrible ancient ocean ship" that can bring about catastrophic destruction. 

Reportedly, Pluton was built in the Water 7 region during the lost century.

Once completed, the shipbuilders then hid Pluton's blueprints for security reasons. 

When the blueprints fall into the hands of the wrong people, then a major disaster is possible. 

Realizing the danger, Franky decided to burn the blueprint. 

One Piece: How to Unlock Pluton Finally Revealed!

Meaning, currently, there was no longer any blueprint for the Pluton Ancient Weapon. Even so, Franky might remember it.

Pluton's location was initially known to be in Alabasta. 

This is what Oda showed in the arc. 

And this is also the reason why Crocodile and Baroque Works decided to invade the area. 

Crocodile created unrest and chaos in the country, in search of Pluton. 

However, in fact, it turns out that Pluton is not in Alabasta.

In chapter 1053 yesterday, we finally found a new fact about Pluton. 

Based on the contents of the Poneglyphs in Alabasta, the actual existence of Pluton is in the land of Wano. 

And in chapter 1055, Kozuki Sukiyaki also explained many things about Pluton to Nico Robin. 

Including his connection with the land of Wano. 

According to his explanation, Pluton is in a deep cave under Mount Fuji.

Even so, Sukiyaki himself doesn't know what Pluton looks like. 

Speaking of Pluton, in chapter 1055 Sukiyaki also explained how to activate Pluton's Ancient Weapon. 

And based on that explanation, it turns out that to activate this Ancient Weapon has something to do with Kozuki Oden's dream, which is to open the borders of the Wano country.

How to Activate Pluton

One Piece: How to Unlock Pluton Finally Revealed!

Sukiyaki also explained in chapter 1055, that to be able to activate or use Pluton, the only way is to open the Wano border. 

In his explanation, Pluton is located in the old Wano area which was submerged due to rainwater, which caused an increase in the volume of water. 

This is because of the great walls that surround the area.

Because these walls also ultimately make Pluton unusable. 

Therefore, to be able to activate Pluton, the Wano border needs to be dismantled or opened. 

Opening the borders of Wano means destroying all the great walls that surround Wano. 

That way, Pluton will be able to use them.

Perhaps this was the reason why Kozuki Oden wanted Wano to open its borders. 

As we know, in a flashback, it appears that Kozuki Oden is passionate about opening the borders of the Wano region. 

This happened after Oden went on an adventure with Roger to Laugh Tale. 

He might find out what the contents of the Poneglyphs on the island are talking about the figure of Joy Boy.

In addition, how then Joy Boy's big mission requires the power of Pluton, which is in Wano, in the end makes Oden finally want the border to be opened. 

One Piece: How to Unlock Pluton Finally Revealed!

In fact, he passed down his wish to his followers, Red Scabbards, and his two children. 

Even so, in the previous chapter Momonosuke had explained that for now he would not do this.

Momo would open up those borders until the time came, and it was absolutely right. 

Maybe, Momo will only open the border when Luffy has made it to Laugh Tale. 

And after that, the mission to make Joy Boy's biggest dream come true will happen. 

At that moment Momo will then help Luffy realize the mission by activating Pluton. 

Opening the borders of Wano also means opening up to the whole world. 

Meaning, it will be another historic moment where Wano will again be open to everyone. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the upcoming One Piece chapter!

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