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One Punch Man Confirms Saitama's Biggest Fear!

One Punch Man Confirms Saitama's Biggest Fear!

The latest chapter of the popular manga series One Punch Man reveals something unexpected. 

It was revealed that the over-powered protagonist, like Saitama, also had a fear of something. 

Recently the figure of Saitama has experienced an unexpected character development. 

Usually, Saitama's figure is famous as a figure who almost never shows his expression.

However, in the previous chapter it appears that Saitama turned into a figure full of expression, where he was angry because he saw the figure of Genos dead in front of him. 

Not only that, Saitama also turns into a "serious" character, where he is afraid that one day he will lose his human side. 

And he relied on one person to avoid that.

Saitama is truly so powerful that he has no challenge or nothing to match his strength. 

That's what makes him feel bored and as if not interested in anything around him. 

This is what makes Saitama different from most other protagonists, and makes the One Punch Man series unique.

However, in the last few chapters it seems that Saitama finally shows very strong emotions for the first time. 

This was after he witnessed the death of Genos firsthand. 

This provides evidence that Saitama, despite his immense lethal and formidable powers, is by nature an ordinary human.

Saitama's Biggest Fear in One Punch Man

One Punch Man Confirms Saitama's Biggest Fear!

Yesterday's One Punch Man chapter 168 gave us another proof that Saitama is not an emotionless human as we know it. 

When Garou realized that he was the one who was the result of Tareo's death and regretted it, Saitama then realized one thing. 

Not intending to protect Tareo, Saitama realizes that what Garou did to Tareo was actually for Garou to gain support.

Saitama then realized that what he had been doing all this time with Genos was probably the same thing. 

This he did while holding the core of Genos's body which was still intact. 

Garou then thinks that a person who is incredibly strong like Saitama certainly can't think straight forever. 

And that's what later became the "function" of Genos, namely to keep Saitama conscious and sane as a human.

The series seems to be starting to explore how Saitama's deepest feelings are. 

We can see this from what Saitama has to pay with the great power he has. Along with the tremendous power, Saitama had to lose his temper. 

However, now we all know that Saitama can feel suffering too. 

However, on the other hand, what he feared was the loss of his sanity or human nature within him.

That's the reason why later Saitama befriended the figure of King, Bang, and also Genos. 

This also seems to explain that their deaths present a very heavy burden for Saitama. 

With the death of these characters, then nothing else can make him sane. 

However, on the other hand, Saitama himself never tried to protect them.

Will It Be Back As It Was?

One Punch Man Confirms Saitama's Biggest Fear!

What we saw in One Punch Man chapter 168 gives an illustration that it turns out that Saitama also has a heart. 

He was no different from an ordinary human. It's just that Saitama has extraordinary advantages. 

The death of Genos which then made Saitama realize that these people were someone who meant a lot to him. 

And without them, Saitama might have turned into a terrible figure.

However, in the story we also see how Genos and the others finally come back to life thanks to Saitama's time travel. 

That is, with Saitama returning to normal, then the awareness of the importance of the figure may also be lost. 

And this can be fatal, if one day Saitama will lose the sense of humanity in him.

In conclusion, One Punch Man managed to show fans the "other side" of Saitama. 

It turns out that basically he also has the biggest fear in him. 

And the people around him, especially Genos, are the ones who have kept Saitama sane. 

Without them, Saitama might have turned into a villain.

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