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One Piece Chapter 1054: Straw Hat Grand Fleet Help Luffy to Save Sabo

The Straw Hats' large fleet who were members of the Yonkou Luffy's alliance helped save Sabo.

In One Piece chapter 1053, apart from the talk about Ryokugyu coming to Wano to target Yonkou Luffy's head.

On the other hand, the world of One Piece was shocked by the capture of Sabo, Vivi and Hancock.

There is a lot of speculation circulating in the One Piece story, some theorizing if Sabo lost against Ryokugyu and Fujitora at Mariejoa.

Reported from YouTube Anime OP, here's the review.

With the news that Sabo was arrested and imprisoned, Luffy certainly didn't just stay silent.

Especially if Luffy knows that the one who defeated Sabo was Admiral Ryokugyu.

So, will Luffy kill Ryokugyu first or head straight to Marineford to save Sabo?

This is of course predicted if Luffy and his entire crew will continue the journey for the Sabo rescue mission.

Luffy certainly doesn't want what happened to Ace to also be experienced by Sabo.

In addition to the Straw Hat crew, of course, a large fleet of pirates who are Luffy's alliance will also help him

Not only the large fleet of Grand Fleet, the Revolutionary Army will also directly intervene in the rescue of Sabo.

As is known, the large fleet of the Straw Hat Pirates' Grand Fleet is an alliance force that has a large number.

With a lot of speculation growing if the large fleet of Grand Fleet will now move to help Yonkou Luffy.

Those who are members of the Grand Fleet's large fleet are allegedly not going to stay silent after knowing this.

Moreover, Luffy is now a Yonkou, of course all pirates who express support for him will help.

As is known, pirates are people who have their own goals.

And it's not impossible that the Grand Fleet's large fleet had its own mission when Luffy became a Yonkou.

However, will a large fleet of Grand Fleet come and help Luffy and company?

Of course we will wait for a surprise from Eiichiro Oda in the next One Piece chapter.

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