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One Piece Chapter 1054: Ryokugyu Possessor of a Logia-Type Devil Fruit Mori Mori no Mi Goes Away

One Piece chapter 1054 will be released soon, the owner of the Logia devil fruit type mori mori no mi will go crazy and rampage.

Finally, now One Piece chapter 1054 and it has been confirmed that Aramaki Ryokugyu's devil fruit is the Logia mori mori no mi type.

In the One Piece manga chapter 1054 it will be explained about the power of Ryokugyu's devil fruit. namely the mori mori no mi.

Here's an explanation of the Logia mori mori no mi Ryokugyu type devil fruit which is said to be going berserk in One Piece chapter 1054:

The One Piece manga spoiler chapter 1054 explains about the devil fruit mori mori no mi Ryokugyu, which Mori means forest or wood.

So now it's clear that Ryokugyu's devil fruit in One Piece is not the Zoan or Mythical Zoan that has been staying up all this time.

However, Ryokugyu's Logia-type devil fruit which means tree or forest, and the strength of the Ryokugyu has certainly been seen.

When Ryokugyu arrived in Wano land, and indeed his devil fruit powers and abilities in One Piece were related to trees and were able to create a dense forest in just seconds.

Even the fugitives above 1 billion were able to defeat Ryokugyu in a short time in the One Piece story.

For Ryokugyu's devil fruit, it may be comparable to Aokiji's devil fruit which also has a Logia type in One Piece.

And for his own Awakening, Ryokugyu must have mastered the power of his devil fruit.

Awakening in One Piece is certainly not impossible for someone like Ryokugyu.

So Ryokugyu or Aramaki have been able to master the Awakening of the resurrection of his devil fruit in One Piece.

It's just a matter of time to see Ryoukugyu fight for the battle in One Piece chapter 1054 later using his devil fruit.

And will there really be a fight when Ryokugyu arrives in Wano country in One Piece chapter 1054.

Even the theory in One Piece chapter 1054, Ryokugyu has arrived in Wano country and will fight against the Arkazaya Samurai from Kozuki Momonusuke the new Shogun of Wano country.

In a short spoiler also in One Piece chapter 1054, there was a fight between Ryokugyu against the alliance in Wano country.

Even though the spoilers and theories have sprung up, it is not certain that the Ryokugyu battle in One Piece chapter 1054 will happen.

The various theories of One Piece chapter 1054 are also uncertain, we'll just have to wait and see what Eiichiro Oda's One Piece will look like.

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