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One Piece: The Last Saga, Revolutionary Army Shows Strength!

One Piece: The Last Saga, Revolutionary Army Shows Strength!

The Revolutionary Army is a mysterious organization in the One Piece story that has a huge influence on the situation in the world.

They are one of the major threats that the World Government has to face. 

Their leader, Monkey D. Dragon, is the most wanted man in the entire world. 

Dragon's name is already very famous in the world of One Piece.

The Revolutionary Army had been moving silently from behind the shadows. 

One by one the regions in the Grand Line, they helped to gain independence from the World Government. 

That's why it's not uncommon for members of the Revolutionary Army to fight against the navy or the forces of the World Government. 

A real example is when the Revolutionary Army helped a small country called Villa/Vira.

At this time, we still don't know officially what Dragon's purpose is to form this organization. 

However, based on what is in the story, it is clear that the formation of this organization aims to help areas that really want to be free from the grip of the World Government. 

In another article itself there is an explanation that their main enemy is actually the sky dragons.

So far, the World Government has always tried to control everything. 

They are the ones who make the laws, and they are the ones who will punish anyone who violates them. 

Many people then feel tortured and constrained because of this. 

That was the reason why the Revolutionary Army was trying to destroy the World Government system and help the various regions of the Grand Line.

Their Role So far

One Piece: The Last Saga, Revolutionary Army Shows Strength!

Since its inception, the Revolutionary Army was very rarely involved in major events. 

If we trace back, there have only been a few major events involving this group. 

For example, during the big battle against Blackbeard's group, which occurred off-screen. 

As a result of this incident, the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army was finally destroyed and had to move to another area.

Later, we also saw how Sabo and several other commanders went to infiltrate Mary Geoise. 

Their main goal is none other than saving Kuma. 

There had emerged some important information related to this, such as Sabo who fought against Fujitora and Green Bull. 

The news about Sabo even shocked many parties, after he was reported to have died.

The Revolutionary Army also conducts research and research on weapons and minerals in Wano, as appeared in the previous chapter. 

Apart from the moments and events above, Oda Sensei doesn't seem to have given them another chance to appear. 

However, with the final Saga about to start in chapter 1054, maybe we will finally see bigger action from the Revolutionary Army.

Show the Power of the Revolutionary Army

One Piece: The Last Saga, Revolutionary Army Shows Strength!

Towards the end of the story, the tension that arises or will be present will certainly not be arbitrary. 

In fact, it could be that the tension of the story will far exceed what appeared in the Wano Country arc. 

In the Dressrosa arc, the Revolutionary Army seems to be investigating the weapons Doflamingo had sold. 

Specifically they said that they wanted to find and find the source of the weapon.

Of course it will feel strange and become a less interesting and useless detail, if then this moment does not become a way for what will happen next. 

And the investigation they carried out then led them to Wano, the source or center of all the weapons that Doflamingo sold. 

After learning of this fact, they will likely head to Wano to do some further research.

With the Wano arc being part of the final Saga, maybe we will see their appearance in the country. 

They then fight against troops from the World Government to help Luffy's alliance. 

In that moment we may finally see how Monkey D. Dragon in action. 

What happened in Wano might be a "teaser" for the final battle at the end of the series.

The battle to destroy the celestial dragons and the World Government system is at the heart of Luffy's adventure. 

One Piece: The Last Saga, Revolutionary Army Shows Strength!

And he certainly couldn't do that alone. 

It was then the Revolutionary Army's moment to show off, showing how capable they really were in this epic battle.

So, in conclusion, the last Saga in the One Piece series will be the stage for the Revolutionary Army to defeat the World Government. 

After all this time they have been moving from behind the shadows, it is time for this organization to come to the surface and reveal themselves to the entire world population.

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