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One Piece 1054: Shanks Has No Mercy, Bartolomeo's Situation Is Tragic


Chapter 1054 was really surprising after Shanks said he joined the fight to get One Piece.

In addition, in One Piece chapter 1054, Shanks also really wants to meet Luffy after knowing that the little boy he met 12 years ago has become a Yonkou.

However, the meeting between Shanks and Luffy could not be realized because of the incident that befell the Yonkou Shanks territory.

There was a chaos in Shanks' territory, where a pirate named Bartolomeo had burned Akagami's Jolly Roger.

By knowing this, Shanks and all the Akagami pirates will certainly not forgive Bartolomeo's actions.

Bartolomeo's actions are considered a very fatal thing.

Bartolomeo is one of the seven members of the Straw Hat Pirates' fleet.

After burning the akagami pirate flag, Bartolomeo replaced it with the Straw Hat pirate flag.

Even though Bartolomeo knew from the start that Shanks and Luffy were not enemies, he still burned the Akagami pirate's Jolly Roger.

Bartolomeo's flag burning action turned out to have a purpose and a purpose, where some assumptions said that Barto only wanted Shanks to meet him.

Shanks already knows that Bartolomeo is Luffy's friend, but when it comes to the trust of the people in his territory, Shanks will not forgive Bartolomeo.

As a result of Bartolomeo's treatment, all Akagami pirates are angry, and can threaten his safety.

If later the meeting between Bartolomeo and the akagami ends in a battle, then this will result in the situation that will be experienced by Bartolomeo become very tragic.

The following is what Bartolomeo will experience if he comes face to face with Shanks, reported by Teras Gorontalo from the Anime Haki YouTube channel.

1. All members of the Bartolomeo Pirates will be killed by Shanks.

2. Nasin Bartolomeo will be the same as Kid, where the arm or other body parts of Bartolomeo will be cut off by Akagami.

In addition to these two things, Bartolomeo's burning of the Akagami pirate flag will create misunderstandings between Shanks and Luffy.

Because Bartolomeo who is a member of a large fleet of Straw Hat Pirates and assumes that the burning is an order from Luffy.

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