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One Piece Chapter 1054: Is Eiichiro Oda Really Leaking Zoro's Family in Wano?

One Piece chapter 1054 will be released this week by Eiichiro Oda, but the presence of Roronoa Zoro's family was leaked.

In One Piece chapter 1054 the mystery about the origins of the Zoro family is much awaited by fans and is said to have been leaked by Oda.

Many are still curious as to what One Piece chapter 1054 will look like according to Oda's leak that the Zoro family, one of the strongest characters in the Straw Hat crew, will appear.

However, the most interesting thing in One Piece chapter 1054 is now starting to enter the Wano Kuni Arc, and according to Oda's leak, the Zoro family is present.

Many One Piece fans think that Wano is the place for the Straw Hat crew character, Zoro.

The Wano arc in One Piece also many fans associate with the figure of Zoro, the Straw Hat pirate crew.

They thought that Zoro might have a deep connection with Wano, maybe even his origins came from there in the One Piece story.

It is natural indeed if you see the various elements that appear in Wano have similarities with Zoro. For example, in Wano almost all of the residents are swordsmen and samurai in the journey of One Piece.

This is what makes many One Piece fans raise a myriad of theories about Zoro and Wano in the One Piece story chapter 1054.

Reported by Teras Gorontalo from various sources, one example of the theory about Zoro and Wano is the village where the swordsman was born in East Blue, namely the village of Shimotsuki in One Piece.

Shimotsuki itself is one of the most respected clans in Wano. They inhabit the Ringo region, and become the rulers of the region in the One Piece story.

In addition, there is also another theory related to the figure of Zoro, the Straw Hat pirate crew, namely the possibility of a connection between Ushimaru and Zoro.

In theory in One Piece, there is an explanation that there is a possibility that Shimotsuki Ushimaru is the father of Roronoa Zoro.

This theory appears based on Ushimaru's character design which is very similar to Zoro's figure in One Piece.

In fact, several other characters such as Hyogoro admit that Zoro and Ushimaru have similarities in the One Piece story.

However, in the SBS Volume 101 One Piece column, Oda Sensei explains that there is no connection between Ushimaru and Zoro.

A fan asked Oda if Ushimaru was really Zoro's father.

Oda then explains that Ushimaru is not Zoro's father, and the two have no connection whatsoever.

According to Oda, although the faces of Ushimaru and Zoro look very similar, they are not father and son.

However, with the fact that Zoro in One Piece is not revealed to be Ushimaru's son, there is an interesting speculation that the Straw Hat pirate crew might still be from the Shimotsuki clan.

It also appears based on the clues in the chapter and has appeared so far. How then could that happen? What are the clues that appear in One Piece chapter 1054?

First, everything in Zoro is very close to the elements in Wano Kuni.

Zoro himself seems so familiar with everything in Wano.

Then, from the previous chapter, we saw how Zoro was close to the figure of Shimotsuki Kouzaburo, the maker of the legendary sword Enma. Kouzaburo himself comes from the village of Shimotsuki.

Then, in Oda's explanation about Ushimaru he emphasized that it meant that the legendary figure of Ushimaru was not Zoro's father in One Piece.

However, Zoro could be part of another family. An example is his grandfather or ancestors. That is, even though Zoro is not a descendant of Shimotsuki Ushimaru, the Straw Hat pirate crew is part of the Shimotsuki clan.

All of these things certainly need to be discussed more fully by Oda, either in the SBS column or in the story. So, in conclusion, Roronoa Zoro may not be the son of Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

This has been confirmed by Oda in the SBS column. However, based on Oda's explanation, it could be that Ushimaru is not his father but his ancestor in the One Piece story.

That is, Zoro is still part of the Shimotsuki clan even though he is not the son of Ushimaru.

And looking at the various available evidence, ranging from facial resemblance and other things, Zoro is indeed part of the clan.

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