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One Piece: Burn Yonkou Akagami no Shanks Flag, Straw Hat Grand Fleet Fleet Take Advantage of Luffy

 In the prediction of the One Piece story, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is rumored to only use Luffy.

Even the Straw Hat Grand Fleet formed by Bartolomeo in the Dressrosa arc attacked Shanks' territory.

Seen on the cover of the One Piece manga story in chapter 869, Bartolomeo and Straw Hat Grand Fleet come to a place which is the territory of Akagami No Shanks.

Reported on Youtube OP, Bartolomeo, the initiator of Straw Hat Grand Fleet, also managed to defeat the criminals in power in the port.

But Bartolomeo actually sells the Straw Hat pirate group's merchandise at a very special price.

Bartolomeo forced the residents there to buy it so that this brought benefits to Bartolomeo and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

On the cover story of the One Piece manga chapter 875, a big problem then began to occur, Bartolomeo then burned the pirate flag of Akagami no Shanks.

No matter what the reason, whoever the person behind Bartolomeo was obviously indirectly declaring war despite not directly physically harming the Red Hair Pirates or Akagami no Shanks.

But the pirate flag is a symbol of the pride of a pirate group.

But what is clear is that with this incident, of course, the great alliance of the Terami Hat pirates or the Straw Hat Grand Fleet has been carried away by the tide of battle.

Straw Hat Grand Fleet's actions will indirectly be the trigger to bring Luffy and Akagami No Shanks together.

Luffy, who is currently a Yonkou, has become the target of various parties to bring him down, including being targeted by other Yonkou.

As Big Mom said in chapter 847, every Yonkou has a goal and wants to be the sole ruler of the ocean by destroying other Yonkou.

Apart from that, I don't know what Bartolomeo was thinking, even though in episode 751 Bartolomeo already knew that Shanks was Luffy's inspiration to become a pirate.

Maybe this is an example of a small conflict caused by an alliance that was created without a clear purpose.

Maybe they thought that the number of Straw Hat pirate group alliances that reached 5600 people would make certain parties think twice about facing them, but not for the Yonkou.

One thing to remember when the Strafagar group alliance was formed and Trafagar Law was not interested in them at all.

This is because Law has a different way of thinking from those who are too confident in his strength.

Even though it's clear that strength alone is never enough to conquer the savage ocean of One Piece.

So basically whatever the reason they formed an alliance under the Straw Hats flag was solely to gain an interest and profit and did not rule out the possibility that one of them would betray each other.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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