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One Piece: The God of Dreams Appears, Is He Really Luffy's Last Opponent in the Final Saga?

The One Piece story will soon enter the end of the Wano arc, it is marked by the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom.

One Piece has existed since 25 years ago, has become one of the manga and anime that many people like.

Some One Piece fans like this series because of the storyline that is full of mystery and also the excitement of the adventures of the main character.

One Piece story author who is one of the Japanese mangaka Eiichiro Oda, packaged the One Piece story very well and was full of surprises.

There are several surprises in the One Piece manga, one of which is chapter 1044 which reveals the real name of Luffy's devil fruit.

For approximately 25 years, all One Piece fans have known that Luffy's devil fruit name is gomu gomu no mi.

However, after Luffy's fight against Kaido, it was revealed that Luffy's devil fruit name is the mythical zoan hito hito no mi model nika.

The devil fruit is the incarnation of the sun god, because the devil fruit has a mythical zoan type Luffy can turn himself into a legend in the world of One Piece, namely Sun God Nika.

With the truth of Luffy's devil fruit revealed, there are several possibilities for the appearance of other god devil fruits.

There are several theories that come from One Piece fans regarding god devil fruit users.

Here are the users of the god devil fruit, Monkey D Dragon is the god of rain, Im-Sama is the god of the land and Admiral Aramaki is the god of the forest.

The four gods were spoken of in the Skypiea arc. Although only these four gods have ever been mentioned, it is possible that there are other gods.

Just like the existence of the Lunaria tribe who is on the island of the sky is also called the nation of gods and also the existence of God Enel who is considered a god.

That way the appearance of the fifth god, the god of dreams, could happen. The God of Dreams comes from the power of the same god devil fruit as Luffy's devil fruit.

Some theories state that the god of dreams is a mythical zoan devil fruit power hito hito no mi model oneiroi which was originally the yami yami no mi.

Oneiroi is a physical being that has an aura of darkness, the creature is nicknamed the god of dreams.

Like the power of Luffy's devil fruit which has been thought to be rubber that comes from a rubber tree, it turns out to be the rubber produced by a zoan-type devil fruit.

It is also the same as Blackbeard's power which makes him appear to have an aura of darkness.

It can also be said that Blackbeard's devil fruit is the antagonist of Luffy's god devil fruit. Where yami yami no mi can be called the moon and gomu gomu no mi is the sun.

With these two characters both possessing a god devil fruit, it can be assumed that Luffy's final opponent in the final saga will be Blackbeard.

They will be a formidable opponent to fight for the position as the pirate king.

Blackbeard and Luffy's desire is that they both want to be pirates.

In addition, Blackbeard and Luffy are also bearers of the name D, which could be one of them inheriting D's determination.

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