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Boruto: Momoshiki's Death Could Be Averted?

Boruto: Momoshiki's Death Could Be Averted?

The Boruto series: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's other work, Naruto. 

By presenting a new world, Kishimoto also did not forget to introduce various other new characters for the series. 

The antagonist characters are no exception. And one of the new antagonist characters introduced in this series is the Otsutsuki clan.

As we know, the Otsutsuki clan has been a very important clan since the beginning of the series. 

They also have important roles in various storylines, and have a huge influence on the entire franchise. 

One of the Otsutsuki that appears in the Boruto series is Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who appears at the beginning of the series.

He is one of the characters at the beginning of the series who shows an interest in Boruto's Doujutsu, Jougan. 

In addition, Momoshiki is also a figure who tells about the great potential and various other consequences that Boruto has to accept as a result of those eyes. 

However, in the fight that occurred earlier, Momoshiki is said to have died.

Many fans think that the fight between Naruto and Sasuke against Momoshiki is one of the most epic battles in the Boruto series. 

The quality of the fight and also the animation (in the anime version) gives a great impression to the fans. 

However, apart from the battle that took place, there were also other things that caught the attention of the fans.

This is the result of their fight. As we know, that Momoshiki had to die in the end in that fight. And then, before he disappeared he had a chance to implant a Karma seal into Boruto's body. 

And since then, Boruto's life is no longer the same as before. 

Even so, many fans think that Momoshiki's death could have been avoided. How to?

Confusing Battle

Boruto: Momoshiki's Death Could Be Averted?

As a member of the Otsutsuki clan, Momoshiki at first seemed confident when facing Naruto and Sasuke at once. 

He was even shown to be able to match Sasuke's Rinnegan as well as Naruto's Six Path Sage mode. 

The cooperation of these two characters is also truly extraordinary, and it has proven successful in being able to injure a strong figure like Momoshiki.

How then the two of them almost managed to seal Momoshiki with the Chibaku Tensei technique, making many fans happy with the moment. 

Until that moment, everything seems to be going well. 

However, the fans themselves believe that the situation and everything in the fight began to change drastically when Uzumaki Boruto was involved in the fight.

One of the things that many fans complain about from the Boruto series is how inconsistent the level of power that appears in the series is. 

When Boruto joins forces against Momoshiki, things don't make sense. 

An example is how Momoshiki was unable to match the abilities of Boruto's Rasengan, nor was he able to react in time to avoid or neutralize his Rasengan's attacks.

Considering Momoshiki had previously eaten the chakra fruit, it probably made sense that he would then be at his best. 

And this can be seen how he managed to handle Naruto and Sasuke with ease. 

How then did the Otsutsuki not be able to match Boruto's strength, by not being able to react on time actually raised question marks among fans. 

The reason is, it is unlikely that this will happen.

Some fans themselves think that Boruto is able to do that thanks to the help of Jougan. 

However, there is no sign that Boruto activated his Jougan. 

In addition, how Momoshiki is able to match the speed and strength of Sasuke and Naruto gives a hint that being able to withstand or match Boruto's strength is not a difficult matter. 

This has become the subject of discussion and debate among fans, even now.

Can Momoshiki's Death Be Averted?

Boruto: Momoshiki's Death Could Be Averted?

One of the opinions that arose among fans regarding the fight against Momomoshiki was that his death could have been avoided. 

How to? 

That is by giving Momoshiki enough space to control or avoid Boruto's Rasengan attacks. 

How then Momoshiki's attention was distracted by Kagebunshin was considered unreasonable.

If only Momoshiki had been able to dodge Boruto's Rasengan at that time, then maybe the fight would have had a different outcome. 

This is because Sasuke and Naruto are injured and exhausted. 

Momoshiki might still be alive and spreading terror in Konoha and the world. 

Boruto: Momoshiki's Death Could Be Averted?

Even Boruto might not have the Karma seal on his body and become a vessel.

The conclusion is that the fight between Naruto and Sasuke against Momoshiki could have had a different outcome had Boruto not shown up then. 

And with a different ending, maybe the story that will appear will not be like it is now. 

Even Boruto won't have to suffer where he becomes a vessel for Momoshiki, because Momoshiki probably won't die yet.

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