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One Piece 1055: Wano Wall Mystery, Zoro's Family Involved?

In One Piece 1055 the mystery of the Wano wall has not been revealed, was the Zoro family involved in its construction?

The mystery of the creation of the Wano wall and the mystery of the Zoro family, unfortunately, has not been revealed by Oda in One Piece 1055.

But with Zoro's past, which until One Piece 1055 is still a mystery, it is very likely related to the making of the Wano wall.

This theory could have been revealed after One Piece 1055, considering that Oda is still hiding the mystery of the construction of the Wano wall.

With the chapter entering One Piece 1055 and the Wano saga coming to an end, the theory that the mystery of Zoro's past will be unlocked along with the history of building the Wano wall has emerged.

Seeing Zoro's background as a samurai warrior, it seems that it would be unreasonable if Zoro's past flashback had nothing to do with Wano.

So, with Kozuki Sukiyaki having explained about the history of Wano and the construction of the barrier 800 years ago, fans hope to open the veil of Zoro's family's past at the same time.

What is new is that the Wano Wall was built after the great war that changed world history along with the collapse of the ancient empire.

As far as we know about Zoro, his appearance is very much like the young Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

Even Ushimaru's sword style, Hyogoro said, was very similar to Zoro's.

Shimotsuki village where Zoro came from, which Hyogoro doesn't seem to know is one of the clues from Oda with links to Pluton.

With the fact that Marimo is not surnamed Shimotsuki, then the only clue that Zoro might come from Wano country, is. Hyogoro's comment on chapter 1023.

It could be that the Shimotsuki clan name was used as the village name, a reminder that they were descendants of the legendary sword makers.

And the greatest weapon maker of the Shimotsuki clan, is Zoro's ancestor who created Pluton.

Well, this theory supports the reason why the Zoro family was involved in making the Wano wall.

Because Oda finally confirmed that Pluton's ancient weapon is in Wano and is related to the construction of the border wall.

Will the theory summarized from various sources be proven and we will enter the flashback saga of the construction of the border wall as well as the mystery about Zoro? Let's just wait.

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