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One Piece 1055:Pluton, Uranus and Poseidon's Ancient Weapons are Destined to Rise Again?


One Piece 1055 has finally been released, it has been answered that the ancient weapon of Pluton is under the land of Wano.

In One Piece 1055, Kozuki Sukiyaki has confirmed the existence of the ancient Pluton weapon under Wano.

Unfortunately, Kozuki Sukiyaki can only take Robin and Law to the Poneglyph, because he doesn't know the exact location of Pluton in One Piece 1055.

However, there are a few bright spots in One Piece 1055, where Robin asks Oden's intention of opening the Wano border which means resurrecting Pluton's ancient weapon.

And still in One Piece 1055, Sukiyaki said he didn't know for sure what knowledge Oden had about Pluton's ancient weapons on his voyage.

We finally understand what Oden means to open up the Wano country which has been closed to the outside world.

The answer is because Oden did intend to resurrect Pluton's ancient weapon.

Let's try to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make this theory make sense.

First, if we go back to the Fishman Island saga, we definitely remember Noah's giant ark and the Sea Kings.

Back then the Sea Kings were talking about a promise to take Noah's covenant ship somewhere we don't know for sure.

The Sea King flock said that Noah should stay here until the day of the pact.

After that, it was revealed that Poseidon was none other than the Princess of the Ryugu kingdom, Shirahoshi.

Well, there is a common thread between the Fishman Island and Wano saga.

The two of them talked about the revival of ancient weapons.

And it all seems to be related to Joyboy.

The Sea Kings seem to have realized that Luffy is the incarnation of Joyboy.

Until they talk about promise day, which leads to their promise to Joyboy 800 years ago.

With Oden having reached Laugh Tale and knowing the secrets of the world, it seems he does intend to resurrect Pluton.

But even Oden seemed to know that he had to wait for the right time to resurrect Pluton.

Dan had told the secret of when it was the right time to resurrect Pluton to his son, Momonosuke.

So Momonosuke is delaying opening Wano's borders for now.

Rayleigh also once said that he and Roger and his crew were born too soon.

And that's why Roger is called not a person in the prophecy, which means not an incarnation of Joyboy.

Now it is known that Luffy is the incarnation of Joyboy.

And all ancient weapons are destined to rise up against Im-sama and the Gorosei, when Luffy will end this epic One Piece saga.

But we still have to be patient, because there is still one more ancient weapon that has not been handed over, namely Uranus.

But with One Piece entering the final saga, it won't take long for us to know Uranus' form.

And the revival of 3 ancient weapons to help Joyboy in the ultimate war later.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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