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One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Is There a Rocks and Shanks Connection?

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Is There a Rocks and Shanks Connection?

The reappearance of Shanks' figure since 1054 yesterday really made One Piece fans happy. 

The reason is, Shanks is a figure who very rarely appears. 

With his mysterious figure, many fans think that Shanks is a special person, not an ordinary character. 

However, for now it's all still a mystery and theory.

The Wano arc itself is the second largest arc after Marineford. 

However, it could actually be that the Wano Arc is actually bigger than the previous arc considering that Oda Sensei also said there would be a big war that made what happened at Marineford look normal. 

But, it's not just a matter of war, but there are also various interesting and surprising facts that appear in this arc.

One of them is the fact that there is a group of pirates who have traveled and explored the seas far before Gol D. Roger. 

Even they were once a pirate group where big names gathered. 

The captain's name is Rocks D. Xebec, who Sengoku says he is the most ruthless pirate in the ocean.

So terrible, his name was erased from history so not many people know about this pirate group. 

Talking about the figure of Rocks, there is interesting speculation about the existence of a deep connection between Shanks and Rocks D. Xebec. 

Then, what kind of deep connection exists between the figure of Shanks and Rocks?

Both Connection Instructions

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Is There a Rocks and Shanks Connection?

As you know, Eiichiro Oda is a unique and extraordinary mangaka. 

Since the appearance of the One Piece series since the late 1990s, Oda has often presented interesting things in his story. 

And one thing that is very unique from Oda, and becomes his trademark, is how he seems to have a pattern that appears in the story. 

For example, there are similarities in characters or events with what happened before.

This is also the basis for speculation about a possible connection between Shanks and the Rocks pirates based on what appeared in chapter 1055. 

Oda Sensei usually has a pattern where after a major event occurs, he will present several chapters that present the situation in other areas. 

Or it could also bring other characters.

For example, in chapter 233 where we first get to know the word 'Haki' that Blackbeard said when he saw Luffy's wanted poster. 

Later, we also learn that Buggy had met Whitebeard. 

And at the end of the chapter, Oda introduces Gorosei. 

Then, in chapter 234 we also see something extraordinary such as the introduction of various other great characters.

Most recently, in chapter 956 we saw a very critical situation where the news about Sabo affected everything. 

Many thought he was dead or in a bad state. 

However, finally, the answer to the chapter appeared in chapter 1054 yesterday. 

With chapter 957 which presents stories about God Valley and Rocks, it means that maybe in the next chapter, 1055, we will see stories about Rocks' past. 

Moreover, at this time, Shanks was in the main spotlight.

Shanks and Rocks Teori Theory

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Is There a Rocks and Shanks Connection?

In fact, fans have long predicted that there might be a deep connection between Shanks and Rocks. 

One of the most widely known is how Shanks is the son of Rocks. 

The God Valley event took place around 38 years ago, while the current Shanks was around 39 years old. 

That meant that Shanks was about a year old at the time of this terrible and terrible event.

Roger is a person who is known to always think that children are people who do not have any sins, regardless of how cruel their parents are. 

That's why, after the terrible incident in God Valley, Roger then "adopted" Shanks and did not kill him. 

Shanks was then made a crew member on his ship. 

This is also what then makes Roger want to entrust Ace to Garp, because they both know children are innocent creatures.

Another piece of evidence appears in chapter 966, where in one of the panels we see how Roger holds the newborn Hiyori. 

In the panel we also see how Rayleigh holds Momonosuke. 

Based on this we can conclude that Roger and Rayleigh once raised a small child together aboard the Oro Jackson.

And one thing that's interesting is that in the translation of what Roger said to Hiyori, he said that "it's been a long time since I've seen/raised/carried a baby".

This is certainly interesting because, in fact, this happened before Roger came home and met Rogue and then Rogue gave birth to Ace.

Does this mean that Roger (and Rayleigh) had previously taken care of a baby or young child? 

If so, then whose baby was ever on the ship? 

So far, Oda Sensei has never mentioned or presented a story that shows the crew of the Roger Pirates having a small child. 

So, it could be that what Roger meant was when he saved Shanks when he was young from a terrible event. 

Does Shanks really have a connection with the Rocks? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story!

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