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One Piece: Zoan Awakening Weaknesses Revealed!

One Piece: Zoan Awakening Weaknesses Revealed!

The Zoan type of devil fruit is currently in the spotlight of fans of the One Piece series. 

The reason is, in the Wano Country arc this type of devil fruit becomes the "main menu" in the story. 

As we know, the Beast pirate group is the first pirate group in the series whose all crew members are Zoan devil fruit eaters.

In fact, it's not just a natural Zoan devil fruit. 

They also eat artificial Zoan devil fruits, namely SMILEs. 

Besides the fact that the entire Beast pirate crew is a Zoan type devil fruit user, we are also surprised by the latest facts from Oda Sensei regarding Monkey D. Luffy's devil fruit. 

In the fight against Kaido, Luffy who was unconscious then regained consciousness after awakening his devil fruit.

And in his narration, Gorosei explains that Luffy's devil fruit is not Gomu Gomu but Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. 

Then, his own type of devil fruit is not Paramecia but Mythical Zoan. 

This is what fans have been talking about in recent times, and one of the reasons why Zoan is the main devil fruit throughout the Wano series.

As geeks know, a Zoan-type devil fruit is a devil fruit that is capable of granting the power of beasts to its user. 

This devil fruit will provide a significant increase in strength, especially fighting ability and physical strength. 

In addition, they will also get an increase in terms of healing period where their healing time becomes shorter. 

This is the advantage of this type over other devil fruits.

Zoan Awakening Has Weaknesses?

One Piece: Zoan Awakening Weaknesses Revealed!

Devil fruit users in the One Piece series can also awaken their devil fruit powers. 

That way, they can use all the potential of the devil fruit. 

Awakening the devil fruit is not easy, because it takes a very hard struggle and effort. 

What's interesting is that throughout the Onigashima battle yesterday, there were several devil fruits that managed to awaken or awaken.

We can see this from Kid's Jiki Jiki no Mi devil fruit, as well as Law's Ope Ope no Mi. 

The awakening of the two devil fruits was really very powerful, where with the combination of the two they finally managed to defeat Big Mom. 

The level of their devil fruit power also increases dramatically when they successfully use the power of the awakening. 

Unfortunately, there are side effects that arise from using awakening.

As Kid and Law explained, using their devil fruit awakening causes energy and stamina to be depleted. 

That's why the use of the awakening power can't be continuous. 

What about the Zoan devil fruit? 

Zoan's devil fruit awakenings, Luffy in particular, were really the highlight of the battle at Wano.

We see how Luffy turns into a giant figure, is able to turn his surroundings into elastic, and the most epic of course is how his strength is able to defeat Kaido's strength. 

Then, does Zoan devil fruit awakening have the same side effects as Paramecia awakening? 

The answer is no. 

Even so, the Zoan type of devil fruit also has a weakness when the user awakens.

What Are the Weaknesses of Zoan Awakening?

One Piece: Zoan Awakening Weaknesses Revealed!

The big question then is what are the weaknesses of the Zoan awakening? 

At first, we don't know this information. 

Until then there was information related to this in the booklet Road To Laugh Tale Vol. 3.

In the latest volume booklet there is information that discusses the Zoan devil fruit, including what its weaknesses are.

According to his information, the awakening of the Zoan type devil fruit is very different from the awakening of the Paramecia type devil fruit. 

One thing that stands out from the Zoan awakening is the huge changes in the user's body. 

Zoan devil fruit owners will experience a very drastic increase in strength, stamina, and other physical abilities.

However, the weakness is that the awakening actually affects the soul or personality of the user. 

It is said that when their bodies become very strong and extraordinary, their personalities will actually "weak". 

In other words, the user will experience consciousness or they will lose control of their body. 

Also, they will behave differently.

This is the possible answer to why Luffy underwent a major "transformation" awakening his Nika devil fruit. 

Luffy turned into a ridiculous figure, full of laughter, as if he had no burden. 

Kaido is even more obvious in this regard, where he has various "mode" of personality when drunk. 

It could be that, apart from being drunk, the awakening effect of the devil fruit also affects it.

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