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Facts and Information Regarding One Piece Chapter 1054: All Events in Levely Revealed

One Piece Chapter 1054 which has been waiting for 4 weeks has finally been released on July 25, 2022.

Various facts and information are revealed in One Piece manga chapter 1054. Even One Piece chapter 1054 will be the beginning of the fina saga.

One of the things revealed by Eiichiro Oda in the One Piece Manga chapter 1054 is about the existence of the One Piece treasure.

One Piece treasure which is very crucial since the beginning of the chapter, will soon be revealed by Oda.

In addition, Oda also revealed some facts that occurred during Reverie in the One Piece manga chapter 1054.

Here is some information and facts about One Piece chapter 1054. Reported from the wanpispedia YouTube channel.

  1. The members of the red-sword samurai learned of Admiral Aramaki's arrival, after learning of the existence of the Green Bull, the sword-wielding samurai tried to dissuade the Green Bull who had the intention of ruining the fireworks festival in the Flower Capital.
  2. The power of Admiral Aramaki comes from the mori mori no mi devil fruit which is known to be a logia type, this power allows him to become a forest man in the form of a giant tree.
  3. Not only the red sword samurai, Yamato and Momonosuke also participated in blocking Aramaki. Yamato even made Aramaki fall by hitting the admiral's head with his Kanaboo.
  4. The group of akagami pirates are in the area near the waters of Wano, but Shanks has yet to meet Luffy because he has to solve some problems that occur in his territory.
  5. Shanks said that it was time to get One Piece.
  6. Sabo is reported to have killed the king of Cobra, besides that, Vivi's daughter mysteriously disappeared.
  7. Sabo is referred to as the Flame Emperor, where his actions at Mariejoa even caused the movements of several countries.
  8. Kuma was saved by Sabo and the Revolutionary troops.

Those are some facts and information revealed in One Piece manga chapter 1054, in that chapter the truth of the Straw Hat pirates was not shown.

All the incidents during the Levely related to the death of the Cobra king, as well as the existence of Sabo and Vivi became the talk of the admirals.

This was revealed by a new character who is a member of the navy named Tensei, he is known as Kurouma.

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