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Shanks Starts Targeting One Piece's Existence?

Shanks Starts Targeting One Piece's Existence?

Shanks is probably the most mysterious Yonko in the One Piece story. 

He can appear in various places in a very fast time. 

He was able to meet the higher-ups of the World Government as well as the Gorosei in a relaxed manner. 

In fact, the Gorosei considered Shanks as their guest.

What was also unexpected was how Shanks tried to protect the others. 

The question that arises among fans is why Shanks did this. 

Although it's still just speculation or theory, it's possible that all of this happened because of Shanks' inner motivation. 

He has different motivations like any other pirate or Yonko in the story.

As we know, Yonko are the most powerful pirates and people who are close to One Piece and the title of pirate king. 

And this also applies to Shanks. 

However, we do know that given the history he had he could go to Laugh Tale and find One Piece and claim the title of pirate king. 

However, what happened was that he chose to wait and give it to someone else.

What is also interesting is how Shanks actually does things that are not unexpected, as mentioned above. 

Many fans later theorized that Shanks was actually a peacekeeper. He refuses to look for One Piece in order to maintain security and peace. 

However, something different then happened in chapter 1054 yesterday. Shanks may have changed his mind about that.

Shanks eyeing One Piece?

Shanks Starts Targeting One Piece's Existence?

In chapter 1054, we saw Shanks and his group of pirates in Wano. 

He was waiting at the entrance to the territory. 

It is still not clear what his purpose in coming to the area was. When Lucky Roux asked him to meet Luffy, he then turned it down.

According to him, there are other things they must do first, such as chasing Bartolomeo's figure.

However, what's interesting is the next scene Shanks tells Ben that it's time to find and retrieve One Piece. 

What does that word mean? 

After all this time, why is it only now that Shanks is eyeing One Piece? 

This then becomes the big mystery. 

There are several things or possibilities why Shanks said that.

First, Shanks might think that there is no longer a barrier to getting One Piece. 

All this time, Shanks might indeed have a plan to get One Piece. 

Because of that, he then stole the Gomu Gomu devil fruit. 

However, at that time, he had not been prepared enough so he decided to postpone the adventure to find the treasure.

After a few years, Shanks had various plans in his mind. 

After the plan is working, then now might be the time for Shanks to continue the plan and finally find out where One Piece is. 

The next possibility is that Shanks might already have the Road Poneglyph he stole from Luffy.

In the previous article, it was written that Shanks' appearance to Wano could be a disaster for Luffy. 

One is that Shanks might steal a copy of the Straw Hats' Road Poneglyphs. 

During this time, Shanks may be known as a kind and charismatic figure. 

However, there is also a theory that says that he is actually a bad person. 

This is perhaps proof that Shanks could be a bad person.

Shanks Becomes Pirate King?

Shanks Starts Targeting One Piece's Existence?

The puzzle as to why Shanks is eyeing One Piece may only be answered one day. 

However, maybe we can speculate what happens if Shanks becomes the pirate king. 

There are several scenarios that could have happened when Shanks became the pirate king, the first is to overthrow Blackbeard. 

It had been a long time since Shanks realized how dangerous Blackbeard was.

Then, another scenario is that Shanks will be waiting for Luffy in Laugh Tale. 

As previously mentioned, out of the four Yonko he is the one who has the most chance of reaching Laugh Tale. 

In fact, you could say, compared to Luffy, Shanks' chances of getting to Laugh Tale first are much greater. 

When that happens, Shanks will be waiting for Luffy on the island.

And as expected, they will fight it out to snatch the title of pirate king and One Piece from Shanks' hands. 

If this happens, of course, this moment will embody what Shanks said in the first chapter. 

While giving his straw hat to Luffy, Shanks told Luffy that they would meet again when Luffy became strong.

Of the two scenarios that are considered interesting in the story is the second. 

Shanks Starts Targeting One Piece's Existence?

Because, in the second scenario we will see Luffy prove to Shanks, that he is already much different, much stronger when they first met in Fusha village. 

And at this moment Luffy will return the straw hat that Shanks gave him.

On the other hand, this scenario will also show that Luffy is a person who deserves to be a pirate king. 

Of course, not just anyone can become the pirate king, and if the person who fills this position is the wrong person – for example Kaido or Big Mom – the world will certainly be in chaos. 

What do you think?

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