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Buster Call Arrives at Wano, One Piece 1054 : Ryokugyu Successfully Kidnaps Nico Robin, Luffy Is Enraged

Bad news has arrived, a new member of the Mugiwara No Luffy pirates who is celebrating victory at Wano.

From the leaked One Piece chapter 1054 spoiler discussed by the Anime OP Youtube channel, it is known that the world government ordered a buster call to be launched to Wano.

One Piece fans are still warm in the memory of how the destruction of Nico Robin's homeland was caused by a buster call.

One of the reasons why the world's governments launched a buster call is because of the existence of an ancient weapon in Wano.

This ancient weapon is even known to be the target of famous pirates.

Among them Blackbeard, Big Mom, to the navy.

It is not known for sure what types of ancient weapons are in Wano.

But this ancient weapon, Pluton, is definitely there.

There are rumors that Pluton's ancient weapon is a devil fruit.

But as usual, Oda still keeps the shape of the ancient weapon tightly.

When Wano was being threatened with being razed to the ground by a buster call, Admiral Ryokugyu instead attacked one of Luffy's men, Nico Robin.

Nico Robin has long been the target of world governments.

He is the only resident of the island of Ohara who can read the Poneglyphs.

To the world's governments, people who could read the Poneglyphs were a threat.

This threat is related to the void century 800 years ago in the world of One Piece.

People who can read Poneglyphs are people who can solve the mysteries of the Void Century.

One of them is Nico Robin.

For a very long time, the world's governments have targeted Nico Robin but have failed every time.

But this time it seemed like Nico Robin couldn't do much.

He had to resign himself to being carried by Ryokugyu via a warship.

The capture of Nico Robin by Ryokugyu immediately sparked the anger of Luffy and his friends.

He launched several attacks on Ryokugyu but couldn't do much.

The arrest of Nico Robin made the One Piece storyline seem like it would lead to a naval war against Yonkou Luffy.

If this war happens, One Piece fans will really look forward to it.

As is known, the buster call is a form of massive attack carried out by the navy.

The target of this buster call is usually to destroy criminal groups or pirates to destroy an area that is considered very, very dangerous for the world government.

So far, there are only two regions that have faced the buster call of Ohara and Enies Lobby.

Both areas were completely destroyed by the great power of the navy – although for Enies Lobby the navy did not fire a single bullet because the Straw Hats had already fled.

Because of the power of a buster call, which has great destructive power, only certain parties or those with authority can make this Buster Call.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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