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One Piece 1054: Yami Yami no Mi Turns Out God's Devil Fruit, Check Out Blackbeard's True Power

One Piece 1054 still won't be published this week or next week due to a one month hiatus.

However, while waiting for One Piece 1054, various theories have emerged regarding the continuation of this story or about its characters.

One of them is about the true power of Marshall D Teach's devil fruit or Blackbeard.

The following is a discussion about the power of Blackbeard's devil fruit while waiting for the release of the upcoming One Piece 1054.

There have been many theories that say the possibility that Blackbeard has the Zoan devil fruit ability.

Allegedly the devil fruit is the same as the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika who underwent a name change. Then what is the name of the devil fruit he ate?

The indication that Blackbeard ate a Zoan-type fruit was taken from the oddity when he fought Luffy at Impel Down.

At that time, Luffy's fist managed to hit Blackbeard's stomach, this is a strange thing because Blackbeard's devil fruit is a Logia type.

Of course, if you want to beat that type of fruit-eater, you have to use Haki. However, Luffy managed to touch Blackbeard and even hit him without Haki.

Compared to when the Straw Hats attacked Smoker with his punches, then Smoker's body immediately turned into smoke.

Logia type devil fruit has the characteristic of giving the user a body according to the type of power it eats or natural elements.

From here, it can be seen that there is something odd about Blackbeard's devil fruit. Then Oda Sensei confirmed with the fact that Luffy's devil fruit was not Paramecia, but Zoan.

It was explained that Luffy's elastic rubber body was indeed produced by the power of the Zoan devil fruit Nika modeled on him.

So what if it turns out that Blackbeard ate a fruit that made him look like Luffy's rubber-like darkness?

If so, then this could explain the fact that he can be hit without Haki by Luffy, in contrast to Smoker who obviously eats a Logia type.

The theory is, is there another devil fruit that the Gorosei are hiding, and only a handful of people know about it?

In the encyclopedia, the Yami Yami no Mi has been classified as a Logia type so it is possible that the user does not know the true power of this fruit.

Like the Paramecia classification of the Nika Hito Hito no Mi model, so this Blackbeard devil fruit is the antagonist of the Nika devil fruit.

It can be said that the Yami Yami no Mi is a devil fruit that is identical to the Moon, while Luffy's Hito Hito no Mi is the Sun.

Allegedly the name Yami Yami no Mi is actually the Mythical Zoan devil fruit model Oneiroi, God of Dreams.

If the reader remembers, Blackbeard often said that a man never stopped dreaming.

Those words may be very closely tied to him, and he has a strong connection to dreams throughout the manga.

On the other hand, the Zoan devil fruit is said to choose its own master, Oneiroi has fulfilled his dream of choosing the eater.

Blackbeard is also a person who has trouble sleeping due to frequent nightmares, maybe this is a sign that he was chosen by Oneiroi.

He himself once said that it was his devil fruit that he chose to eat.

Uniquely, Oneiroi turns out to be a God with three personalities in one body. They are Phobetor, Phantasos, and Morpheus.

Each of these personalities has its own strengths, which are as follows:

Phobetor: can give rise to nightmares born of one's worst fears.

Phantasos: Known as a great con artist, he conjures up illusions that are meant to deceive and confuse.

Morpheus: The great winged dream god who is known to bring visions of truth to remind others of what they have forgotten.

Could this picture be a devil fruit controlled by Blackbeard? What's more, he is known by the number three as his Jolly Roger which has three skull heads.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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