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Naruto: Getting to Know Kurama's Jinchuriki!

Naruto: Getting to Know Kurama's Jinchuriki!

The figure of Kurama, or what we usually know as the nine-tailed monster, is an important character that appears in the Naruto series. 

First appearing since the beginning of the series, Kurama is shown as a fox monster that once destroyed the village of Konoha decades ago. 

The monster finally managed to be sealed in the baby body of Uzumaki Naruto, because to the actions of his father who is also the fourth Hokage.

Since then, his life is no longer the same. 

His life really changed drastically with the presence of Kurama's figure in his body. 

Kurama was also shunned by many people, exiled, received bad treatment, and so on. 

Even so, Naruto finally managed to subdue the monster where he already considered him his own friend.

In fact, Kurama has now become a big part of the source of his strength where losing Kurama means Naruto loses some of his strength. 

Although he is the famous Jinchuriki Kurama figure, he is not the only one. 

With its existence that has existed for a long time, there are already several characters that have become containers for the monster.

Kurama's Jinchuriki

Naruto: Getting to Know Kurama's Jinchuriki!

Like the other tailed beasts, Kurama is part of the 10 tailed beasts that once terrorized the world due to the actions of Kaguya Otsutsuki. 

Because to the figure of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the monster finally split its chakra into nine before its death. 

And this is what later became the beginning of the appearance of the tailed beasts.

Kurama itself is the most powerful monster, where Kurama traveled the world for centuries without being tied to humans. 

However, when powerful shinobi appeared, Kurama was caught and turned into a deadly weapon. 

This makes Kurama finally have a deep hatred for humans. 

Kurama doesn't even trust humans anymore. 

Because of that, every Jinchuriki from Kurama always had bad luck.

Then, who was Kurama's first Jinchuriki? 

Naruto: Getting to Know Kurama's Jinchuriki!

She is the wife of Hashirama Senju who is also part of the Uzumaki clan, namely Mito Uzumaki. 

After Madara used Kurama to confront Hashirama, the first Hokage then decided to make his wife a vessel for Kurama. 

He did this solely to avoid the same mess from happening again in the future.

Years later, Uzumaki Kushina, who hails from Uzushiogakure, arrives in the village of Konoha. 

She also later became the next Jinchuriki of Kurama after Mito almost died. 

Kushina became the Jinchuriki of Kurama for quite a long time. 

Just like Mito, the monster doesn't believe her at all. Even so, it was fortunate that Kushina was still able to control it.

All of this is because to Uzumaki's strength in her body and also the love from her husband, Minato. 

On the day Naruto was born, Obito decided to attack Konoha. 

He also managed to get Kurama out of Kushina's body, and then let the monster destroy Konoha village. 

Together with his wife, Minato also managed to paralyze Kurama.

And at the last moment, they made Naruto, their newborn child, a new vessel for Kurama. 

What's interesting is that Minato only sealed half of the monster inside his son's body. 

Meanwhile, the remaining half he keeps in his body, which means Minato is also indirectly the Jinchuriki of Kurama.

Uzumaki Naruto and Kurama

Naruto: Getting to Know Kurama's Jinchuriki!

Naruto is Kurama's last Jinchuriki and also the most epic of the two before. 

As we see throughout the series, the life of the main protagonist is really down and very sad when everyone finds out Naruto has a monster that attacked their village in his body. 

Even so, Naruto did not hate them.

Instead, he wanted to become much stronger in order to protect the Konoha residents. 

In addition, he also wanted to prove that he was not the person they thought he was. 

Naruto really managed to make Kurama the main source of strength, and utilize Kurama's chakra to become a powerful force when fighting.

Long before Naruto could really control Kurama, he himself had turned into a great figure. 

Naruto will turn into a terrible figure when angry, and the leaked seal makes Kurama's chakra mix with Naruto's chakra. 

As time went on, Naruto tried to understand Kurama's figure which it worked for. In the end, they became friends.

In fact, Kurama finally believed in humans after seeing what Naruto had been doing all this time. 

And in the fourth great shinobi war, Kurama was willing to lend all his power to Naruto. 

And Naruto himself promised to help every single tailed beast there was, and he even remembered all the names which touched Kurama. 

The two finally managed to save the world together.

Naruto's ability to be able to touch the hearts of others with his kindness, also managed to touch Kurama's heart. 

The monster for the first time actually became a protector for Konoha. 

Naruto provides evidence that there is a figure who is also no less kind and caring for these monsters besides Hagoromo. 

Thanks to Kurama's power, many enemies have been defeated.

Naruto and Kurama Connection

Naruto: Getting to Know Kurama's Jinchuriki!

Starting from Obito to Kaguya Otsutsuki, Kurama even defeated Momoshiki and Isshiki. 

Isshiki is the moment of Naruto's latest fight, and also his last moment with Kurama. 

Because, in order to defeat Isshiki, Kurama was willing to give up all his chakra which then formed a new transformation called Baryon Mode.

Unfortunately, with Kurama sacrificing all his chakra meant Kurama too had to be "killed". 

This is a big loss for the fans and also for Naruto in particular. 

I don't know if Kurama will return to the story in the future. 

However, for sure, the relationship between Naruto and Kurama will continue to be one of the interesting things that appears throughout this franchise.

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