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Spy X Family: Yuri Fails Loid's Secret Mission?


Spy X Family: Yuri Fails Loid's Secret Mission?

The Spy X Family anime series has so far managed to present an interesting and exciting story. 

The fans are really curious about the behavior of the Forger family every week. 

In episode 8 yesterday, fans finally saw an evil plan from Yuri Briar, the younger brother of Yor. 

This evil plan threatens not only the happiness of Yor, but the entire plan of Operation Strix.

Even though it was very clear how much Yor and Loid loved each other, perhaps keeping their identities a secret was not a good idea. 

The reason is, Yuri will do whatever it takes to protect her brother. 

And this is also what later became Yuri's motivation to work in the State Security Office, a secret organization from Ostania.

Yor describes Yuri's figure as a very kind and perfect sister. 

It is clear that Yor loves his sister very much and is willing to do anything for her sister. 

In fact, in a flashback scene from Yor we see how she once came home covered in blood. 

It turns out that Yor works as a hitman to buy Yuri's school books.

Yor was forced to do this because both of their parents had died. 

So, they take care of each other. 

When Yor reported about her marriage to Loid, Yuri herself was already suspicious, both of Loid and of the marriage itself. 

Yuri thought Loid was not good enough for his brother.

Another problem then arises when Yuri sees himself as "Twilight's mortal enemy" during an interrogation moment. 

Yuri didn't realize that Loid was Twilight, the enemy he had been looking for. 

On the other hand, Loid himself quickly realized that Yuri was no ordinary person. 

He realized that Yuri worked for the government (a secret agency).

Yuri thwarts Operation Strix?

Spy X Family: Yuri Fails Loid's Secret Mission?

For now, Yuri still doesn't seem to be able to do much because she doesn't know that Loid is Twilight. 

Even so, Yuri seemed to be keeping an eye on it. 

This of course could be a big problem in the future, both for Yor and for Loid himself. 

First, Yuri could jeopardize the entire Loid covert operation.

As we know, Loid has to do a lot of things to be able to complete Operation Strix. 

This is in order to maintain peace between Westalis and Ostania. 

On the other hand, Yuri who was on Ostania's side thought that Twilight was a threat. 

Yuri certainly will not remain silent to continue to search for information about Twilight.

Also, although Loid will try his best to keep his identity as Twilight secret, this will likely not last long. 

Sooner or later Yuri would start to become suspicious of Loid's figure, and she might find various clues that lead to the conclusion that Loid was Twilight.

When that moment comes, two questions arise. 

Will Loid succeed in convincing Yuri not to catch him. 

Because, basically, what Loid did was to protect Yor from war victims. 

Second, whether Yuri will actually side with Loid.

Other Problems in Spy X Family

Spy X Family: Yuri Fails Loid's Secret Mission?

Apart from potentially destroying or thwarting the plans of Operation Strix, what Yuri did also has the potential to destroy Yor and Loid's marriage. 

Loid and Yor's marriage was probably built on sham. 

However, it does not close the fact that Yor slowly begins to fall in love with Loid.

Loid himself probably still doesn't have feelings for Yor for now. 

However, from his attitude and behavior it was seen that Loid cared about Yor. 

In a previous article it was also written that there is a possibility that their relationship will be truly "official".

In other words, they would truly become husband and wife without any lies.

If then Yuri thwarts all of it, it means that he has also thwarted and destroyed all of Yor's dreams and hopes. 

Seeing how then Yuri cared about Yor so much, it was interesting to see Yuri's attitude when everything was exposed. Let's just wait for the next story from Spy X Family.

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