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One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

In the One Piece story there are many sources of power that Eiichiro Oda introduced. 

One that is unique and also unique and interesting is Rokushiki. 

Rokushiki aka Six Power is a super ability or technique which not everyone can use. Rokushiki can only be used by a person after undergoing very specific and rigorous training.

In addition, this technique is usually used specifically for members who are part of the World Government. 

For example the Cipher Pol group or the navy. 

After mastering Rokushiki, the character will have special abilities such as flying, moving at high speed, and much stronger defensive abilities. Here are some Rokushiki user characters.

1. Tashigi

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

Tashigi is a naval captain serving under the orders of vice admiral Smoker. 

Her figure is known to be very skilled with the use of the sword and he has defeated so many swordsmen in the One Piece series. 

In addition to having skills in using the sword, Tashigi also has the ability Observation and Armament Haki, which he had used to defeat Monet at Punk Hazard.

Besides being an expert in the use of swords and Haki, as part of the navy Tashigi also has the ability of Rokushiki. 

The Rokushiki technique that Tashigi mastered is Soru, aka the power of teleportation. 

By using this technique the user will be able to move very quickly. 

In fact, this speed will be difficult to detect or realize by the enemy.

2. Koby

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

Another naval captain on this list is Koby. 

During the time-skip, Koby was promoted from the ordinary navy to captain. 

He also has the ability Observation Haki which we saw in the Reverie arc yesterday. 

In this incident, Koby was able to sense a major threat in the form of an underwater torpedo attack that could threaten the safety of everyone.

Just like Tashigi, as part of the navy Koby also certainly has the ability of Rokushiki. 

Due to Garp's guidance, Koby has mastered the six basic techniques of Rokushiki, which makes him a formidable foe for pirates. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see how Koby is developing at this time. 

And before that, Koby also got the task to catch Boa Hancock.

3. Charlotte Decuplets

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

As the name implies, Charlotte Decuplets is a child of the Charlotte family, aka the Big Mom family. Charlotte Decuplets are boys 36 to 40 from Big Mom. 

They are also part of the Big Mom pirate crew. Three of the four children appear to be able to use one of the six basic Rokushiki techniques, namely Geppo.

The Geppo technique itself has been shown once in the Whole Cake Island arc. 

Based on that there was a high possibility that the other Decuplets also had similar skills. 

However, there has been no official confirmation regarding this. 

This is interesting because the Rokushiki technique they can also use or learn regardless of those who are not part of the World Government.

4. Charlotte Yuen

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

Charlotte Yuen is the son of another Big Mom as well as a member of the pirates. 

He is the 35th child of Big Mom and he is also one of the characters involved in the plan to capture Luffy on Cacao Island. 

After Sanji saved Luffy, Yuen then seemed to be able to match Sanji's Sky Walk ability by using the CP-9 Moonwalk technique. 

Whether Yuen is also able to use other basic techniques from Rokushiki is still unknown. 

However, how he was able to use the Moonwalk technique had proven himself to be one of the strong characters.

5. Captain Kuro

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

Kuro is the pirate captain of the Black Cats group and one of the most famous people in East Blue. 

He is quite strong, but his greatest weapon is his thinking ability. That's why Kuro is nicknamed "Kuro with a Thousand Plans".

Kuro has a special ability called Nuki Ashi which allows him to move at very high speeds.

According to Oda, this ability is a technique of Soru, which is one of the six basic techniques of Rokushiki. 

However, because Kuro didn't train him well he couldn't control his movements perfectly when using his abilities. 

Apart from that, Captain Kuro's ability is enough to make Luffy troubled during the Syrup Village arc.

6. Who's Who in One Piece

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

Who's Who is one of the Flying Six, a group under Kaido's leadership in the Beast pirate group. 

Their position is under the All-Stars. The Who's Who character as a character first appears physically in chapter 978. 

Before joining the Beast pirate group, he was a member of the Cipher Pol 9 group.

Because of that, Who's Who has the ability of the Rokushiki technique. 

He also showed this in his fight against Jinbe. Some of the Rokushiki techniques that Who's Who used to attack Jinbe were Shigan and Tekkai. 

Luckily, Jinbe mastered Armament Haki which helped him protect himself from Rokushiki's deadly attacks.

7. Cipher Pol in One Piece

One Piece: The Possessors of the Power of Rokushiki!

Cipher Pol is a group or organization that operates under the direct orders of the World Government. 

This secret organization appears early in the story, especially when Luffy tries to save Robin in the Enies Lobby arc. 

The task of Cipher Pol is to carry out various espionage, seek various information or investigations, and kill targets according to the direction of the World Government.

With various things and deadly missions, it's only natural that they will then get the provision of Rokushiki abilities. 

We can see evidence of the awesomeness of Cipher Pol members with the Rokushiki technique during the Enies Lobby arc. 

All CP-9 members use the technique. 

Starting from Rob Lucci, Jabra, and even Kalifa. 

However, compared to the other CP-9 members Rob Lucci can be said to be a perfect user of the Rokushiki technique.

Rokushiki may not be a popular technique or power source like Haki or devil fruit. 

However, this is one technique that deserves to be reckoned with considering the awesomeness of the technique. 

In addition, this is also a technique that is deliberately taught to the navy and government secret organizations to deal with the threat of pirates and others.

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